Sketchleaf for Opus 68 and Opus 70, no. 1

Autograph sketchleaf for the Sixth Symphony, Opus 68, and the Piano Trio, Opus 70, no. 1, with short drafts for a “Sonata in E major.” 2 p., oblong quarto (ca. 230 x 300 mm.), 16 staves, watermark KotenSchlos, paginated “115,” notated in brown ink on 9 staves.
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Opus 68; Opus 70, no. 1
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Ludwig Landsberg, Countesse de Rayneval
Landsberg 10, pp. 115/116; missing leaf “A” once part of the Pastoral Symphony sketchbook acquired by Anton Gräffer at Beethoven’s estate auction in 1827 ; given by Landsberg between 1851-1857 to the Countesse de Rayneval, wife of the ambassador of France to Rome.
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Tyson, “A reconstruction of the Pastoral Symphony Sketchbook,” Beethoven Studies 1 (1974), pp. 67-96; J/T/W, p. ?
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Hotel Drouot (Paris)
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BJ index 1996-2005
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300,000 FF
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470000 FF
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