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Material Type Auction Housesort descending Date Title Works Record #
First edition 11/30/2011 First edition of the Piano Sonata, op. 101 Opus 101 Fe376
Art object 05/29/2012 Engraved portraits of Beethoven Ao29
First edition 11/30/2011 First edition of the Missa solemnis, op. 123 Opus 123 Fe378
Other Sotheby's (London) 05/16/1997 ALS from Carl Czerny to the publisher Probst Ot11
Sketchleaf Sotheby's (London) 05/29/1992 Piano trio, op. 97; Overture, op. 117, sketches Opus 97; Opus 117 Sk15
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/18/1995 Piano trio, op. 70, no. 2 Opus 70, no. 2 Ee99
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/15/1996 Mass in C, op. 86 Opus 86 Ee135
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 11/27/2013 Early edition of the String Quartet, op. 132 Opus 132 Ee319
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/08/2011 Early edition of the three Grand Marches, op. 45 Opus 45 Ee287
Art object Sotheby's (London) 11/30/2011 Engraved portraits of Beethoven Ao28
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 12/01/1995 ALS to Karl Holz Lf45
Contrapuntal studies Sotheby's (London) 11/22/1989 Teaching notes probably for Archduke Rudolf Cs2
First edition Sotheby's (London) 11/21/1990 Symphony no. 9, op. 125 Opus 125 Fe47
Sketchleaf Sotheby's (London) 12/08/2009 Autograph sketchleaf for the Elegischer Gesang, op. 118 Opus 118 Sk37
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs by Haydn and Beethoven Opus 108 Fe355
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/15/1996 Minuets for piano, WoO 7 WoO 7 Fe145
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/16/1997 Das Geheimnis, WoO 145 WoO 145 Fe178
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1987 Letter fragment signed by Beethoven An3
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 10/26/2017 Autograph manuscript of the Canon "Ewig dein," WoO 161 WoO 161 Am22
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1986 Autograph letter signed by Sterkel La8
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/01/2005 Fidelio, Opus 72 Opus 72 Fe306
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 12/07/2001 Deux sonates faciles, Opus 49 Opus 49 Ee225
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/19/2006 Variations for piano, WoO 66 WoO 66 Ee252
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/29/1992 Symphony no. 8, op. 93 Opus 93 Ee65
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/18/1995 Piano trios, op. 1 Opus 1 Ee94
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/23/2007 Mass in C, Opus 86 Opus 86 Fe316
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/01/1993 Symphony no. 5, op. 67 Opus 67 Fe96
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/18/1995 Fidelio Opus 72 Fe121
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 12/07/2001 Grande sonate, Opus 22 Opus 22 Ee222
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1999 Sonate für das Piano-Forte, Opus 90 Opus 90 Fe202
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/17/2002 Quintetto, Opus 20 Opus 20 Fe234
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/17/2002 String Quintet, Opus 81b Opus 81b Fe235
Other Sotheby's (London) 12/04/1998 Georges Auric ms. of a Beethoven essay Ot12
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/18/1995 Sonata for violin and piano, op. 47 Opus 47 Ee100
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/15/1996 Sonata for violoncello and piano, op. 102, no. 1 Opus 102, no. 1 Ee136
First edition Sotheby's (London) 11/27/2013 First French edition of the String Quartet, op. 130 Opus 130 Fe397
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/08/2011 Early edition of the Horn Sonata, op. 17 Opus 17 Ee288
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 11/22/1989 Autograph letter to Franz Hofmeister Lf15
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/15/1996 Autograph letter to Count von Oppersdorf Lf46
Corrected copy Sotheby's (London) 12/05/1997 Corrected manuscript for Fidelio Opus 72 Cc7
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1986 Symphony no. 9, op. 125 Opus 125 Fe11
First edition Sotheby's (London) 11/21/1990 Missa solemnis, op. 123 Opus 123 Fe50
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Autograph letter to Karl Holz, August 24, 1825 Lf81
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 ALS from Joseph Joachim to an unnamed violinist La61
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/15/1996 Vier Arietten und ein Duett, op. 82 Opus 82 Fe146
First edition Sotheby's (London) 05/16/1997 Quintetto ..., Opus 29 Opus 29 Fe179
Autograph copy of other composers' music Sotheby's (London) 12/06/1996 Handel's “And with his stripes” Ac2
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1987 Autograph note unsigned to Franz von Brunsvik An2
First edition Sotheby's (London) 11/28/2017 First edition of the Hammerklavier, Opus 106 Opus 106 Fe421
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1986 Autograph letters signed by Nanette Stein La9