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Art object Palais Dorotheum (Vienna) 04/14/2011 Bust of Beethoven by Edmund v. Hellmer Ao25
Art object Sotheby's (Paris) 10/16/2012 to 10/17/2012 Life mask of Beethoven Ao31
Art object Sotheby's (Paris) 10/16/2012 to 10/17/2012 Caricatures of Beethoven by Johann Peter Lyser Ao30
Art object 05/29/2012 Engraved portraits of Beethoven Ao29
Art object Sotheby's (London) 05/09/1985 Portraits of Brentano family Ao1
Art object Sotheby's (London) 11/30/2011 Engraved portraits of Beethoven Ao28
Art object Sotheby's (London) 05/09/1985 Engraving of Beethoven by Höfel after Letronne Ao2
Art object Sotheby's (London) 05/09/1985 Bust of Giulietta Guicciadi Ao3
Art object Sotheby's 11/27/1986 Portrait of Beethoven by Isidor Neugass Ao4
Art object Sotheby's (London) 11/21/1990 Portrait by Riedel based on L. Letronne Ao5
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/08/2011 Portraits of Beethoven by Bollinger and Decker Ao26
Art object Hassfurther (Vienna) 10/28/1994 Portrait of Beethoven by Höfel based on Letronne Ao6
Art object Christie's (London) 10/09/1996 Portrait of Beethoven by Waldmüller Ao7
Art object Sotheby's (London) 11/28/2012 Portrait medallion of Beethoven Ao32
Art object Christie's (London) 10/09/1997 Beethoven mask signed Franz Stuck Ao8
Art object Christie's (New York) 06/03/1998 Portrait of Beethoven by Emil Orlik Ao9
Art object Pescheteau-Badin, Godeau et Leroy 07/02/1998 Portrait of Beethoven by an anonymous artist Ao10
Art object Sotheby's (London) 02/16/2011 Beethoven by Andy Warhol Ao23
Art object Christie's (New York) 12/17/2009 Group of nine French and American framed portrait miniatures, including Beethoven Ao16
Art object Christie's (London) 11/08/2009 Beethoven, after Lionello Balestrieri Ao17
Art object Palais Dorotheum (Vienna) 09/15/2011 Striding figure of Beethoven Ao27
Art object Christie's (London) 11/08/2009 French bronze portrait bust of Beethoven Ao18
Art object Sotheby's (London) 12/04/1998 Engravings of Beethoven and his circle Ao11
Art object Christie's (Paris) 10/22/2009 Dermophologie Beethoven, bronze by Erro Ao19
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/12/2006 Model for a monument to Beethoven by T. Rivière Ao12
Art object Christie's (Paris) 12/16/2009 Head of Beethoven by Pina Ao20
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/12/2006 Bust of Beethoven by w. Baret Ao14
Art object Christie's (Amsterdam) 03/22/2011 to 03/23/2011 Bronze bust of Beethoven by Alfredo Pina Ao24
Art object Sotheby's (London) 03/30/2010 Beethoven by Andy Warhol Ao21
Art object Sotheby's (Paris) 12/15/2010 Gustav Klimt catalog of works Ao22
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/12/2006 Bust of Beethoven by Alfredo Pina Ao13
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/13/2006 Drawings by Moritz von Schwind Ao15
Documents Sotheby's (London) 12/07/2015 Printed invitation to Beethoven's funeral Do11
Documents Erasmushaus (Basel)/Stargardt 10/08/1994 Printed invitation to Beethoven’s funeral Do3
Documents Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 Two printed programs for the Vienna Concerts Spirituels, 1824-1825 Do7
Documents Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 Printed playbill for Fidelio Opus 72 Do8
Documents Delorme & Collin du Bocage 11/14/2008 Visiting card printed "Ludwig von Beethoven" Do6
Documents Hartung & Karl 10/25/1988 Printed invitation to Beethoven’s funeral Do1
Documents Sotheby's (London) 11/17/1988 Printed invitation to Beethoven’s funeral Do2
Documents Palais Dorotheum (Vienna) 05/30/2000 Trial records for the annuity case vs. Lobkowitz Do4
Documents Sotheby's (London) 05/17/2002 Printed invitation to Beethoven’s funeral Do5
Documents Stargardt (Berlin) 03/25/2014 to 03/26/2014 Printed invitation to Beethoven's funeral Do9
Documents Sotheby's (London) 05/28/2015 Invitation to Beethoven's funeral with lock of hair Do10
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/16/1991 Quintet, op. 16 Opus 16 Ee48
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 12/01/1993 Piano sonata, op. 78 Opus 78 Ee77
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 05/29/2012 Early edition of the Mass in C Opus 86 Ee296
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 11/28/2012 Early edition of the String quartets, op. 59 Opus 59 Ee304
Early edition Christie's (London) 06/29/1995 Sonatas for piano, op. 2 Opus 2 Ee110
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/13/1996 Piano sonata, op. 53. Opus 53 Ee139
Early edition Drouot Richelieu (Paris) 06/28/2017 Early edition of five string quintets Ee586