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Material Type Auction House Date Title Record #
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/15/2008 Autograph letter from Czerny to Robert Cocks La56
Other R&R Enterprises 08/16/2006 to 08/17/2006 Two strands of Beethoven's hair Ha5
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1993 ALS to Diabelli Lf35
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 12/06/2002 Letter to Karl Holz Lf63
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 11/26/1987 Autograph note to Franz von Brunsvik An4
Other Erasmushaus/Stargardt 09/19/1992 Autograph ms. in Goethe’s hand for "Sehnsucht" Ot10
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1987 Autograph letters signed by Baron von Ertmann La20
Autograph note San Rafael Auction Gallery 10/03/2009 Beethoven signature with wax seal An12
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (New York) 05/22/1985 Letter signed to Friedrich Sebastian Mayer Lf3
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/15/2008 Clara Schumann autograph letters La57
Receipt R&R Enterprises 02/01/2011 Annuity receipt for Kinsky, April - September 1817 Re23
Letter from Beethoven Swann Galleries 09/14/1993 ALS to Count Ferdinand Palffy von Erdöd Lf36
Letter from Beethoven Stargardt 03/18/2003 Autograph letter to Joseph Dollinger Lf64
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1987 Autograph letters signed by Nanette Stein La23
Art object Christie's (New York) 12/17/2009 Group of nine French and American framed portrait miniatures, including Beethoven Ao16
Letter from Beethoven Christie's (London) 10/17/1985 ALS to B. Schotts Söhne Lf4
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/15/2008 Autograph letters (1 about Beethoven) La58
Art object Palais Dorotheum (Vienna) 04/14/2011 Bust of Beethoven by Edmund v. Hellmer Ao25
Letter from Beethoven Stargardt 03/04/1994 Autograph letter to Karl Holz Lf37
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/22/2003 ALS from Beethoven to Henriette Sontag Lf65
Letter from Beethoven Stargardt (Berlin) 03/24/2015 to 03/25/2015 Autograph letter signed, about a letter from Ries Lf98
Autograph note Erasmushaus/Stargardt 09/19/1992 Autograph note about fish An6
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 11/26/1987 Letter from T. Boosey & Co. to A.M. Schlesinger La24
Art object Christie's (London) 11/08/2009 Beethoven, after Lionello Balestrieri Ao17
Letter from Beethoven Stargardt 06/12/1986 ALS to Dr. Johann Baptist Bach Lf6
Letter about Beethoven Stargardt 03/10/1988 Autograph letter from G. Ambrosi to L. Schenkel La25
Art object Christie's (London) 11/08/2009 French bronze portrait bust of Beethoven Ao18
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 11/26/1987 Letter in hand of Oliva signed by Beethoven Lf7
Letter from Beethoven Christie's (London) 07/03/2007 Autograph note signed by Beethoven to Zmeskall Lf77
Letter from Beethoven Christie's (London) 06/29/1994 Letter signed by Beethoven to Adolph Scheslinger Lf38
Receipt Stargardt (Berlin) 03/04/1994 Annuity receipt for Prince Ferdinand Kinsky Re6
Letter about Beethoven Stargardt (Berlin) 03/24/2015 to 03/25/2015 Letter about Beethoven from Richard Wagner La66
Other Stargardt (Berlin) 11/23/2004 Poetry mss. in the hand of Stephan von Breuning Ot15
Sketchleaf Sotheby's (London) 11/22/1996 Sketchleaf for the String Quartet, op. 59, no. 3 Sk13
Receipt Stargardt (Berlin) 06/23/2009 Receipt signed by Beethoven's nephew Re21
Rare book Ketterer Kunst 05/18/2009 Book manuscript by Ignaz von Seyfried Rb5
Letter about Beethoven Stargardt 03/10/1988 Two autograph letters from Eugen d’Albert La26
Art object Christie's (Paris) 10/22/2009 Dermophologie Beethoven, bronze by Erro Ao19
Letter from Beethoven Stargardt 03/10/1988 Autograph letter to J. Xaver Brauchle Lf8
Receipt Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Receipt signed by Beethoven Re20
Rare book Sotheby's (London) 05/20/2005 Leipzig: Hofmeister, 1819. Rb4
Receipt Remember When Auction 06/26/1994 Receipt for Fries & Co. Re7
Letter from Beethoven Antiquarian Dealer 03/13/2015 to 03/22/2015 Autographs letter signed to Ferdinand Ries, August/September 1804 Lf99
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 12/01/1993 Autograph note written in pencil An9
Other Sotheby's (London) 05/16/1997 ALS from Carl Czerny to the publisher Probst Ot11
Other Sotheby's (London) 12/04/1998 Georges Auric ms. of a Beethoven essay Ot12
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Letter about Beethoven written by Debussy La59
Letter about Beethoven Stargardt 03/10/1988 Two autograph letters from Hans von Bülow La27
Art object Christie's (Paris) 12/16/2009 Head of Beethoven by Pina Ao20
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 05/17/1990 Autograph letter signed to Artaria & Co. Lf16