Late Fees & Fines

If your Library Card is lost or stolen, please contact the Library immediately. You are responsible for all charges from items borrowed on your Card before the Library is notified of your Card's loss.

Late Fees

The items you borrow from the Library are overdue if you do not return them before closing time on their due date (see your checkout receipt). If this happens, the Library charges you a late fee, also known as a fine.

  • Your total late fee is based on the per-day fee for the item, the number of items that are late and the number of days that they are late. Example: 25¢ x 10 items x 2 days = $5.00
  • Your late fees, if any, will show up when you log in to your account.
  • For late fee charges by borrower type and Library material type, please see Borrow Materials.
  • If you owe the Library over $10.00, your card will automatically be blocked from using the self-checkout machines.
  • The Library counts no late fees for Sundays and Library holidays.
  • The Library sends you courtesy reminders a few days before your items are due as well as 7 days after your items become overdue.
  • For questions regarding late fees and lost or damaged items please contact 408-808-2000

Lost or Damaged Items

If you do not return items that you borrowed from the Library, the Library will charge you the cost of the item and a processing fee.

  • Lost SJPL items
    You owe per item: the Library's full price of the item plus a $10.00 handling fee.
  • Lost SJSU Library items
    You owe per item: $80.00 for the item and a $10.00 processing fee.
  • You are responsible for prompt payment for all items lost or damaged while borrowed on your Card.
  • Lost or damaged Library items may result in restricted borrowing privileges for you until you pay your charges.
  • If you do not pay for lost items promptly, your account may be referred to a collection agency.
  • If you are an SJSU student, SJSU may also place a hold on your university records until you pay the charges.

For more information on paying late fees and charges for lost or damaged items, see the Library's Fines and Fees Policy or call 408-808-2000.

How To Pay

You may pay late fees using either of these two payment methods. 

  • You may pay for overdue, damaged and lost library items in person at the Circulation/Accounts Desks in the King Library and every San José branch library.
    • You can pay in person with cash or check, and you will be given a receipt for your payment.
  • You may also pay fines online with a credit card. Simply log in to your Library Account, select the link that indicates your fine amount and follow the online instructions.