Requesting Library Materials

How To Request An Item

Follow these steps in the Library Catalog.

  1. Search the Catalog for what you want.
  2. To the right of the book's title, select  Request It 
    NOTE: If an item cannot be requested, you will not see this button.
  3. On the resulting page, you are asked to enter Your Name, Library Card number or SJSU ID, and PIN.
    • When you enter the Library Card number or ID, leave no spaces between characters.
  4. You are also asked to enter your PIN.
    • If have not chosen a special PIN, your PIN might be the last 4 digits of your phone number. More about your PIN...
  5. Finally, you are asked to select a Pickup Location among any branch library in San Jose.
  6. Press SUBMIT to send your request.
    • If you get an error message, please contact the Library at 408-808-2000 for assistance.
    • If all went well, you will be see a confirmation for your request. The item will be paged and held for you at the location you picked, and you will be notified by phone or e-mail.

Guidelines for Requests

  • Library borrowers may request an item whether it is checked out to another borrower or is on the shelves.
  • SJSU Borrowers may have up to 10 requests pending in their Account at any one time.
  • Public Library Borrowers may have up to 5 requests pending in their Account at any one time.
  • Borrowers may request all kinds of Library items except:
    • Entertainment videos (DVD, VHS or VCD)
    • Music CDs
    • Record albums
    • Art reproductions
    • California Textbooks
    • Items that cannot be borrowed (such as Reference books)
  • Public Library Borrowers will be charged a $3 fee for every hold that is not picked up by the expiration date.

Other Request Options

Call the Library:

  • If you need a book or audiobook within 1-2 days and the Library Catalog shows that it is on the shelves at a San José Library location, you may call that specific location and ask staff to hold the item there for you to pick up that day or the next.
  • Due to staffing and budget cuts, Library staff are not able to search for and hold entertainment videos (DVD, VHS or VCD) or music CDs for you.
  • Here are the phone numbers and hours of all San José Library locations, including the King Library.

Get It From Link+:

  • If all Library copies of a book are unavailable and you can wait 4-5 days for a copy from another library in California, select Search Link Plus
  • Items that you can get via Link+ are generally limited to books.
  • Instructions on Requesting Books via Link+

Notification & Pickup

  • Once your item is available for pickup, it will be placed on a self-service hold shelf at your specified library location.
  • For requests made through the Library Catalog, you will be notified by phone or e-mail when the item is available.
  • Another way to determine the status of requests made through the Catalog is to monitor your Library Account online via the Library Account button at the top of each web page.
  • Once your items are on the hold shelf, they are held for 7 days.
  • If not picked up by the 7th day, your item will be moved to the next borrower in the hold waiting list or returned to the appropriate library shelves. Public Library Borrowers will be charged a $3 fee for every hold that is not picked up by the expiration date.


All SJSU Library items are subject to recall by SJSU borrowers. San José Public Library items are not subject to recall unless they are overdue.

  • Items borrowed on a 3-week standard loan will only be recalled if needed immediately for use in Course Reserves.
  • SJSU items that are out on extended loan (to faculty, staff and grad students) can be recalled by SJSU borrowers.
    • In case of a recall, the due date will be moved up, and the Library will notify the current borrower of that change.
    • SJSU borrowers may initiate the recall process at the King Library Circulation Desk or by calling 408-808-2000.
  • There is no grace period on recalled items, so the Library recommends prompt return of recalled items.