History of the CHC


In April 2001, SJSU President Caret signed documentation authorizing the creation of a Cultural Heritage Center. The goals were to provide a collection of materials to support the academic programs, to provide a visible identity for historically underrepresented groups, to provide a location where students, faculty, and others could access materials to support instruction and research, and to provide a location where students, faculty, staff, and members of the community could convene for events related to the mission of the center.

The Center needed to represent an emerging discipline focusing on a group historically underrepresented in academia, to relate to an approved academic program at San Jose State University that served a substantial number of students, and to have adequate space and resources.

The Office of the Provost issued a proclamation regarding the SJSU Advisory Structure for the Cultural Heritage Center in the Summer of 2000: "San Jose State University has committed to provide three research cultural centers in its library. These are the Chicano Resource Center (dedicated 1982), the Africana Resource Center (established 1990), and an Asian American Resource Center, which is scheduled to open with the move to the King Library."

Conscientious efforts are made to affiliate the Cultural Heritage Center services with curricular and outreach programs provided by the University. The Cultural Heritage Center personnel actively participate in activities related to recruitment, retention, and outreach to minorities and underrepresented groups at SJSU and in higher education. The Cultural Heritage Center occupies about 6000 square feet of space on the fifth floor of the King Library.

The Cultural Heritage Center is an open stack area. Materials located in the Center are available during Library open hours.

For individual and specialized assistance, please contact Kathryn.BlackmerReyes@sjsu.edu.