Lao Bai Xing: Common People in China. Photography by W. Mei Fang

“Bai xing” in Chinese literally means “one hundred surnames”. Only the elite groups were granted these surnames in the ancient times. Today, there are more than one hundred surnames in China and “lao bai xing” is now a term of endearment for the “respectable” common people.  Taking photos of lao bai xing during my recent travels in China lets me objectively observe and appreciate them as they are - in different walks of life, young or young-at-heart, in rural or metropolitan areas, at work or leisure, or in their natural environment.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Cheers, associate professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, who invited me to this exhibition and gave me his invaluable guidance during the preparation process. As a result, I have become noticeably more knowledgeable in the critical understanding of my mind’s eye as well as the use of my equipment. I am paying forward by sharing the results of the public of China with the public of America.

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Repeats every day until Fri Aug 01 2014.
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5th Floor Cultural Heritage Center