Can I post directional signage to guide people to our Meeting Rooms?

King Library does not provide directional signage. The meeting host may place free standing signs in the following areas only: 1st floor between the escalators; 2nd floor at the top of the escalators along the wall and near the double glass doors. Signage may not block exhibits or displays in the exhibit area.

Flyers, hand written signs , cards, arrows, etc. taped/posted on walls or windows outside or inside the meeting room area are prohibited (unless special permission is given by the Events Coordinator).

Signs will be posted by the Library for the meeting at the entrance to the Meeting Room. Large meetings or events (e.g., author readings) will be publicized on the King Library website LCD Screens located at both Library entrances.  It is the responsibility of the requestor to submit to the Meeting Room Coordinator the information regarding the event two weeks prior to the date.  NOTE: Event Posting forms can be found on the website under “Meeting Rooms King.”