Can the Library support Videocoferences?

Yes. The wired Internet connection at the lectern (and other ports around the room, when activated by special request) is adequate for video conferencing that uses Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc. The Lectern Internet cable is always Internet enabled.

HOWEVERthe library does not provide a webcam, video camera or microphones for such events.  These devices will have to be provided by your conference organizer. 

San Jose State University sponsored events are the only exception to this rule. The Library Media Services will provide the necessary equipment to accommodate SJSU needs if we have the equipment you need.  Please contact the Library Meeting Room Coordinator to verify that we have the necessary equipment for your event.

ALSOthe meeting room (wired) Internet connections may not be adequate for video/audio streaming - especially if there are a large number of connections.  You may want to schedule the room for a day, well in advance of your event, to perform some bandwidth testing.