If my event requires Security, what do I need to know?

Special Event Request Form/Event Summary (SERF) – This form must be completed by a person responsible for the payment of fees for the event security. It is critical that all appropriate information be provided on the SERF. Billing/payment information must be complete and accurate. Departments must list the account number to be charged. Student groups must list the ASBO account or purchase order number to be billed. A billing address must be listed.

The event sponsor must identify a single person to be in charge of the sponsoring group’s responsibilities and act as the sponsor group supervisor (SGS). This person will be the point of contact for the Officer in Charge (OIC) and will maintain supervision of all student security and maintain liaison with the site supervisor.

Arranging Security – The University Police Department (UPD) will review and recommend the level of security required based on expected attendance, geographic areas of advertisement, presence of alcohol, event history, other campus and events during the same time period, time of the event, location or site of the event and duration of the event. For more information contact University Police at 924-2230. NOTE: Special Event Security Policy

Charges –The following rates reflect estimated costs for services, note that actual costs may vary.
$60.00 per hour, per officer.
$20.00 per hour, per police student assistant.
3 hour minimum charge per officer/student assistant.
A penalty fee of 25% will be added to all events that file their SERF with the University Police less than 14 days prior to the date of the event. No charges are made for the administrative time involved in planning and arranging security.

Attendance – The expected attendance listed on the SERF is used to determine the level of staffing that will be provided to the event. It is important that due consideration be given to an accurate prediction of the attendance level. The OIC has authority to limit attendance to the expected level or waive the limit and set a new limit contingent on the arrival of additional officers to assist with security for the larger attendance level.

Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages will only be allowed at events when properly licensed, dispensed and controlled in accordance with state laws and the San Jose State Presidential Directive Regarding Use of Buildings and Grounds. Failure to properly check identification of drinkers or violations of licensing requirements may result in the issuance of a citation, arrest of violators and/or closure of the event. Any anticipated use of alcoholic beverages must be listed on the SERF.

Guest Lists – It will be the responsibility of the SGS to appoint a person to be responsible to monitor admittance by a guest list. The person appointed must have full authority to make such decisions and must remain accessible at the event entry point.

Timelines – The times listed for the event are used in making staffing decisions for the event and are expected to be accurate. Additional time may be charged beyond the actual event times to allow for pre-event briefing, post event activities, time expended investigating crimes/incidents, and writing reports associated with the event.

Closing time – The listed end time for the event is expected to be met. Any changes in the end time must be negotiated with, and agreed to by the OIC and the library building manager. Any extension of the end time will be contingent upon the capability of maintaining an acceptable level of public safety at the site during the extended period.

Clearing – The event will not be considered ended until the crowd has been disbursed from the area, all clean up is concluded, and all people have left the building.

The SERF form can be submitted in the following ways: Special Event Request Form
Delivered to: Events Coordinator, Dr. Martin Luther King Library, 4th floor Administration. 1-408-808-2011
By FAX: 1-408-808-2020 Attention: SPECIAL EVENTS/Events Coordinator