What are the Meeting Room Restrictions?




It is the responsibility of Requestor to ensure that their group members comply with the Library’s policies and building’s fire codes.

  • Candles, lanterns, oil lamps, non-secured balloons are not allowed in the Library.
  • Meetings, workshops or presentations requiring glue guns, soldering, welding, cooking (hot plates, butane, gas) or abrasive chemicals are not allowed.

  • All catering/food will be provided by Spartan Shops.

  • Nothing may be hung, taped, or attached to the walls, doors, exhibit panels and podiums.

  • Flip charts, markers or white boards are not provided by the Library.

  • Meetings are to be held during the Library’s public hours. Exceptions to this may be approved subject to co-manager approval and availability of extra Library security, subject to the estimated overtime rate of $75 per hour being paid to the University Police Department through the Library Security Manager at (408) 808-2481 in advance.

  • Maximum room capacities are set by the Fire Marshall and may not be exceeded. If the program draws more people than the room’s maximum capacity, the Requestor is responsible to turn people away. The Meeting Room Coordinator, UPD and the Fire Department have final authority regarding compliance issues.

  • The Library does not store meeting materials or equipment prior, during or after meeting dates.

  • Private Security is not allowed in the King Library.  Library and Campus security is provided within the library during library open hours.



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