What do I need to know about connecting my laptop to the Library’s Projection System?

Clients should provide their own laptops for use with the projection systems in the meeting rooms. To access the wired public network in the rooms, a client’s laptop must be able to use DHCP to obtain an IP address dynamically. To change the laptop’s network settings, the client must have administrator access (i.e. an admin password).

Clients with laptops configured to work on a non-DHCP network will not work with the public network in the meeting rooms. If the client does not have administrator access to change the laptop’s network settings, no one in the library will be able to make the client’s laptop connect to the network.

Computers with Non-VGA Video Output Ports:

Many computers have new or unique video output ports, such as mini-DVI, Firewire, Thunderbolt, Display Port or HDMI. The video connection cable supplied with the meeting room projection systems has a standard VGA connector. Clients with computers which have the above (non-VGA) display outputs are advised to bring any video connection adapters they may need to connect to our VGA projector system.