What does the Library provide?



Each Meeting Room is equipped with electronic media that may be requested on the room reservation form. The Library does provide laptops for meetings or presentations (we provide laptops for use at the lectern ONLY - available upon request.  Requests for changes in media must be made with the Meeting Room Coordinator (SJSU 808-2011; SJPL 808-2163) at least one week in advance of the meeting.




A media technician will show you how to use the media equipment in the room. Minimal media support is available during the meeting (especially during school semesters when support is also required in classrooms). If you wish to use a library loaner laptop (at the lectern), please bring your presentation on a portable storage device, make it accessible in the cloud or via e-mail. Plan to arrive early so that you may test your presentation before the event.  




Loaner laptops are restored to their original configuration and state after each event to eliminate viruses that might be transferred to laptop, and so that no personal or private information is retained.  We use a product called "DeepFreeze" to accomplish this.




The Library can provide a free WIFI Guest account for large groups whose attendees may not have a campus SJSUOne account or a King Library account.  Requests for a guest account should be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.  The guest account ID and password will be made available to the event coordinator either before or during the event, at which time the account credentials may be freely distributed to the meeting attendees. Each Guest account may be used by an unlimited number of attendees. The guest account will expire at the end of the last day of the event.