SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons

sjsu student learning and Research Commons

The SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons is located in the Mezzanine, right above the Children's Room. The Commons is for the use of SJSU students, faculty and staff with SJSU ID.

The Commons provides a welcoming space specifically for SJSU students to use while doing their research in the library. The area has PCs with internet connections, wi-fi, Pay-to-Print station, group study tables and comfortable furniture. iPads and laptops are available for checkout in the Commons.

NEW FALL, 2013:  The SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons now has a MediaScape that is capable of handling up to 4 laptops!  We are also now lending out scientific calculators, as well as an array of Apple adapters for use with the SLRC's MediaScape.  The types of adapters we have are:

  • 2 Apple Mini DVI adapters
  • 2 Apple 30-pin Dock adapters
  • 3 Lightning to VGA adapters
  • 2 Mini Display Port adapters
  • 2 Lightning to HDMI adapters