Wireless Access for the SJSU Community

If you are a student, faculty or staff: (You will need your SJSU Student or Employee ID and your SJSUOne password)

In your devices’ list of available connections you will see the "SJSU_PREMIER" network. Log on using your  SJSU ID credentials (as illustrated below):

If you use the campus WiFi regularly, you may want to select “Connect Automatically”; your device will not prompt you for login credentials again, until your SJSUOne password expires (every 180 days).


SCS loaner laptops and iPads will prompt you to connect to one of the available WiFi networks in the vicinity – you should choose the “SJSU_Premier” network.

After you have selected the SJSU_Premier connection, you must provide your SJSUOne credentials to connect; be sure to “accept” the certificate for that network. (See the illustrations below)

iPads: Joining the “SJSU_Premier” WiFi

Now your iPad is connected to “SJSU_Premier” (as indicated below) and you may access the Internet without being prompted for your credentials.

Our SCS laptops and iPads allow you to connect via the “SJSU Premier” connection (your credentials are cached to provide continuous access, even if you leave the campus when you return you will not be prompted for your password).

The old, and now obsolete, “sjsu_campus” connection will be available until about the end of the year; it’s being replaced by the “SJSU Premier” connection.


Computer Requirements
To use the library (SJSU) wireless network, your mobile device must have:

  • A working WiFi (wireless) network interface device (802.11a, b, g, or n) - usually built into your computer.
  • DHCP capabilities installed, properly configured, and active.
  • Wireless connection capability turned on (the WiFi “radio”).
  • A browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Connection Instructions
Many wireless computers will automatically detect, and connect to, the nearest wireless network. See the user's guide for your device for instructions on making or changing a wireless network connection. If your computer presents a choice of wireless networks, select “SJSU_Premier”.


For problems with wireless access, call or visit the library SCS (Student Computing Services) office [4th Floor, top of the escalators] (408-808-2470)
- or -
For problems with your SJSUOne account:

  • Contact SCS on the 4th floor.
  • If you have forgotten your password, and the answers to the 5 questions needed to gain access to your account, change your password using another computer … go to: http://blogs.sjsu.edu/helpdesk/2012/03/08/resetting-your-sjsuone-password/
  • Or call / visit the University Helpdesk (in Clark Hall) - 408-924-2377, (NOTE: SCS (the library) cannot reset your SJSUOne password; only the University Helpdesk can do that.)

An SJSUOne account is created for all students, faculty and staff when you register for classes, or are employed by SJSU.
Your SJSUOne account is your student or employee ID number. You will choose your own password when you activate your account.

  • To activate your SJSUOne account go to the following URL from a network connected PC or mobile device, and complete the form: https://sjsuone.sjsu.edu/SJSUOne/
  • An SJSUOne account must be reactivated after any period during which a student is not taking classes, such as during summer break.
  • An SJSUOne account passwords will be forced to change every 180 days (you will be notified by e-mail 2 weeks before it expires).

SJPL Public Library Users (not SJSU students, faculty or staff): Please reference the following URL: http://sjpl.org/wireless


See SJSU Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy