University Library Board (ULB)

The University Library Board is authorized by the SJSU Academic Senate to formulate and recommend policy related to the Library, and also to advise the Library Director on the implementation of University policies and Library operations.

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Supplementary Materials

Library Policy Subcommittee Meeting Summaries

Libraries of the Future (LOFT)

  • CSU Los Angeles Basin LOFT Executive Summary - April 2012 (PDF)
    This two-page summary includes the highlights of the CSU Los Angeles Basic LOFT Report.

  • CSU Los Angeles Basin LOFT Report  - February 2013 (PDF)
    This is a report from a task force of CSU provosts, library deans and faculty which includes recommendations for a system-wide initiative to leverage technological advances and transform the CSU's library services in support of student and faculty success and the Graduation Initiative.

  • CSU Memo LOFT Next Steps - April 2013 (PDF)
    This memo regarding planning for LOFT was sent by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer to all CSU presidents in April 2013. It outlines next steps for CSU libraries.

  • SJSU Library Vision Strategy Statement - May 2013 (PDF)
    This document was created by SJSU Library in response to Recommendation 1 from the CSU LA Basin LOFT Report:  Each campus will develop their Vision-Strategy document. It highlights the current status of library resources, services, student support and community services available in the library, and the vision for the future of library services and resources in support of student success.

  • CSU Libraries Network - 2014
    The 23 CSU libraries are a network collaborating to support student and faculty success.

Strategic Plan

  • SJSU Library 2012-2017 Strategic Plan - May 2014 (PDF)
    Aligned with the University’s guiding principles, the strategic plan states the library’s mission, vision, values, strategic directions and goals through 2017.

Program Planning Documents

  • Self-Study 2008-2013 (5 year review) - May 2014 (PDF)
    This is the most recent library five-year review. It describes the library’s resources, its work and work flow. The text and data provided create a comprehensive picture of how the library has been used in the last five years.

  • External Reviewers Report - 2013 - May 2014 (PDF)
    This is the report from the two external reviewers who examined the 2008-2013 self-study and conducted interviews with several university entities. It includes their observations and recommendations.

San Jose State University

Senate Policies & Sense of the Senate Resolutions

  • Library Policy Recommendation S03-5 - April 2003 (PDF)
    Passed in April 2003 by the SJSU Academic Senate, this library policy replaces F98-5 as amended by S99-3 and modified by S99-5.

  • Library Policy Recommendation S04-9 - May 2004 (PDF)
    Passed in May 2004 by the SJSU Academic Senate, this library policy is a modification to sections 5.1 and 9.2.4 of SJSU Library Policy S03-5 (regarding transition of the Reference Collection).

  • Library Policies Spring 1992-present - October 2009 (PDF)
    This document is an index of Library Policies & Sense of the Senate Resolutions from Spring 1992-present and includes links to these policies.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Operating Agreement

  • King Library Operating Agreement - December 1998 (PDF)
    This is a legal document between the City of San Jose and the Trustees of the CSU on behalf of San Jose State University outlining the ownership and operation of the joint King Library. No other document can contradict this contractual agreement.

  • King Library Operating Agreement - 1st Amendment - June 2003 (PDF)
    This first amendment to the King Library Operating Agreement was signed by all parties in June 2003.

  • King Library Operating Agreement - 2nd Amendment - October 2006(PDF)
    This second amendment to the King Library Operating Agreement was signed by all parties in October 2006.