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Acknowledgements & Contact Information

Contact Information

Questions about or problems with “Start Your Research”? Contact Ann Agee at


The “Start Your Research” guide is adapted from Portland State University’s “Library DIY” guide, which was designed by the following PSU librarians and staff:

Meredith Farkas, Amy Hofer, Lisa Molinelli, Kim Willson-St. Clair, Andrea Bullock, C. K. Worrell, Nathan Mealey, Chris Geib, Mike Flakus, and Tom Boone

Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource!

Thanks also to the San Jose State University librarians and staff who worked during the summer of 2014 to adapt Library DIY to SJSU:

Ann Agee, Christina Mune, Emily Chan, Laurel Eby, Linda Crotty, Lyna Nguyen, Mallory DeBartolo, Silke Higgins, and Valeria Molteni

You did a great job.