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Beverly Grindstaff

Beverly Grindstaff
Associate Professor
Art and Art History
Phone: (408) 924-4394Email:
Course: ARTH 72, Design and Society Course Material: The content of the proposed course materials will follow the thematic and chronological introduction to major types of design around the globe from prehistory to the present. Materials from leading design journals, major media, designer websites and sample briefs, design museums, and other sources will be combined with new critical writings to create a single, comprehensive and self-contained student resource. Cost of Course Material: $0 Course Textbook: The Idea of Design Cost of Textbook: $150 Comments: As an in-house offering tailored to the needs of our design programs, the ARTH 72 "Design and Society" course is not easily served by a single textbook. ARTH 72 features contemporary and historical case studies of design in combination with historical framing, economic and market studies, consumer surveys, and elements drawn from the field of design thinking. Few textbooks cover all these areas at a level appropriate for an introductory lower-division General Education course. The textbook called for in the ARTH 72 official course outline is The Idea of Design (1995), a compilation by the editors of the prominent design journal Design Studies. The book is excellent but long out of print and thus increasingly difficult to find, and we often learn that students pay exorbitant amounts for copies found online.