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Cassandra Paul

Cassandra Paul
Assistant Professor
Cassandra Paul

Phone: (408) 924-5228

Courses: PHYS 2A, Foundations of Physics

Course Material: This past year I have been working closely with collaborators at UC Davis, who have developed a model-based curriculum which aligns with our course goals. My short-term goal is to adapt these materials for my own course section of 45 students; my long-term goal is to gain consent from the department to use these materials in all sections of the 2A course. The course materials (text and activity sheets for lab) will either be free to the students or printed for a nominal fee of about $30. This plan ensures a cost savings of roughly $100 per student, and has the potential to impact 500 students per year. 

Cost of Material: $0 – $30

Cost of Textbook: College Physics, $121