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Magdalini Eirinaki

Magdalini Eirinaki
Associate Professor
Magdalini Eirinaki
Computer Engineering

Phone: (408) 924-3828

Course: CMPE 239, Web and Data Mining

Course Material: All material [freely available data mining ebooks that cover some or all of these concepts, as well as ... other resources, such as scientific papers, articles, and tutorials that will be used as supplementary material) will be shared with the students via Canvas, by providing them links to the resouces (in the case of books), and/or by uploading the files in the course shell.

Cost of Material: $0

Course Textbook
Web Data Mining: Exploring Hyperlinks, Contents, and Usage Data

Cost of Textbook: $100

Comments: Due to its popularity, and the long waiting lists, the Computer Engineering department offers at least 2 sections each semester, with the number increasing to 3 when there are instructors available to teach it. With a section capacity set to 45 (on average), the course services 90-130 students each semester making it one of the most popular elective courses for the MS SE and MS CMPE programs.