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Preston Rudy

Dr. Preston Rudy
Assistant Professor
Preston Rudy

Phone: 408-924-5333

SOCI 201B: Sociological Theory II
SOCI 181B: Sociology Capstone

Course Material:

  • For 201B, several books: Stigma by Erving Goffman, Steven Seidman's Contested Knowledge, William Julius Wilson's Declining Significance of Race, Arlie Hochschild's Second Shift, and several of the students are using ebook versions.
  • Also using the Library collection for a variety of articles.
  • For 181B, using articles from CONTEXTS, which is available through EthnicWatch database.

Cost of Material:
For the articles, this reduces the costs associated with the courses.  For the graduate students who have ordered ebooks, they may be saving money, although all the books have been published since the 1980s and used copies would readily be available.

Cost of Books:

  • Stigma by Erving Goffman   Paperback version $24.25/Kindle version $9.08
  • Contested Knowledge by Steven Seidman   Paperback version $34.31
  • Declining Significance of Race by William Julius Wilson   Paperback version $18.30
  • Second Shift by Arlie Hochschild   Paperback version $10.88

I found several ebooks in the library and informed students about those copies.  I routinely use articles available in the library databases for courses, because these are already paid for by the students in their fees and therefore do not cost them more than the price of printing out a copy if needed.