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Rui Liu

Rui Liu
Assistant Professor
Rui Liu

Phone: (408) 924-5423

Course: ECON 1A

Course Material: I plan to reduce the textbook cost to zero by the Fall 2015 semester. Specifically, I will replace the current textbook by an open source textbook freely available from College Open Textbooks, supplemented with pre-recorded video lectures, blog contents, online news articles, and podcasts, available via Canvas, on topics that address key macroeconomic topics. The free online materials combined will realize a savings of up to $190 per student, offering a collective savings of more than $38,000.

Material Cost: $0

Textbook Cost: Principles of Macroeconomics, $190

Comments: The Department of Economics currently offers a total of 15 sections for this course in a year, taught by different instructors. If the project is successful, it could potentially be promoted in other sections as well.