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Slobodan Simić

Slobodan Simić
Phone: (408) 924-7485Email:
Course: MATH 133A, Ordinary Differential Equations Course Material: There are many freely available textbooks on ordinary differential equations on the World Wide Web, several of which were written by university faculty who have taught a course on the subject for many years. I plan to research all such textooks I can find, pick the best one, and if necessary write an accompaniment to make it suitable for use in Math 133A. Since some of such texts do not come with a sufficient number of excercises which can be used for homework assignments, I plan to investigate the possibility of using either WeBWorK, a huge depository of problems freely available through the Mathematical Association of America ( and/or Edfinity ( Cost of Material: $0 Textbook: Fundamentals of Differential Equations Cost of Textbook: 146