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Sulekha Anand

Sulekha Anand
Medical Product Development Management
Phone: (408) 924-4917Email:
Course: SMPD 286, Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials Course Material: For the Fall 2014 course, I proposed creating a free custom digital course pack comprised of relevant journal articles, handouts that I develop on the topics taught in the course, and other related digital documents, such as videos that are freely available online.  Cost of Material: $0 Course Textbook: Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective and Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Cost of Textbook: $200 Comments: The previously required textbooks cost about $200, and they and other existing textbooks do not address the unique needs of a course that trains clinical trials managers to manage statisticians. The main advantages of the proposed digital course pack are:
  • It will save each student approximately $200
  • It will be uniquely tailored to the content and instructional requiements of the course, and address the mismatch of existing textbooks with SMPD 286's learning objectives and topics.
  • It will be easy for students to access.
  • It will be updatable and scalable.
  • No paper or fossil fuels will be wasted on books, photocopies, and transport of books to the bookstroe or direct shipping to students.