Adaptive Equipment in King Library

The King Library offers the Center for Accessible Technology (CAT) to SJSU users as well as various ADA workstations throughout the Library for all users. Please see below for equipment availability and locations.

Equipment / Service

Center for Accessible Technology (CAT): 2nd Floor

MagniSight Explorer (Print Enlarger): 3rd Floor Service Desk 

  • This color video magnification system has a camera unit, closed circuit TV monitor, and movable tray. Printed material may be magnified from 3 to 50 times. For those who have problems reading black-on-white print, the enlarger comes with the capability of changing the background colors.
  • ADA Workstations And Adaptive Equipment In The King Library Policy

ADA Computers with JAWS and MaGic: 2nd3rd, and 5th Floors

ADA Workstations with JAWS & MaGic

2nd Floor - Reserve this computer now

  • JK2ATRE04 Research Station located on east side of floor
  • JK2ATRE05 Research Station located north of service desk
  • JK2AT01 located on west side of floor
  • JK2AT02 located on west side of floor
  • JK2AT03 located on west side of floor

3rd Floor - Reserve this computer now

  • JK3AT01 located behind service desk
  • JK3AT02 located in Teen Center – north eastern corner

5th Floor - Reserve this computer now

  • JK5AT01 located at the service desk