How do I pay for printing, and what does it cost?

Black & white printing costs 20¢ per page and you can use your Tower card, VIP Gold Card, or cash to pay. Sorry, we don't have color printing at this time.

Tower Card (SJSU ID) / VIP Gold Card

  • To buy a VIP Gold Card, or to add funds to your Gold Card or Tower Card, go to one of the Add Value Centers located on the Lower Level2nd Floor (near the Reference Desk), and 3rd Floor.
    Note: The Add Value Center will only take a $1 bill and will dispense a VIP Gold Card with $1 credit.
  • You can also add money to your Card at the On Fourth Café, located at the downtown entrance of the library.
  • San Jose State students can also add money to their Tower or VIP Gold Cards online at