Library Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Mission Statement

San José State University’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library supports the University’s guiding principles of Spartan Pride, Unbounded Learning, Helping and Caring, Agility through Technology, and 21st Century Spaces by facilitating student learning and success, faculty teaching, research and scholarship, community engagement and creative uses of technology. In partnership with the San José Public Library, we provide all library users with access to information and learning resources in digital and print formats and foster lifelong learning opportunities for the entire community.

SJSU Library Vision

San José State University’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library is a student-centered library that continually aspires to become the library of the future. The library engages diverse learning communities by providing access to information resources, learning services and programming through innovative uses of technology. Setting the standard for community-based partnerships, the library facilitates access to in-depth collections via our digital presence and serves as the model for life-long learning in the 21st Century academic library.


Student Success
We value the academic success, learning, retention and graduation of the diverse student population of San Jose State University.

Open Access
We value open access to information and support the growing open online access movement in higher education, while complying with intellectual property and copyright law.

Migration to Digital Library
We value transformational change in higher education and the migration of libraries from print repositories to information service centers, collaborative learning spaces and access providers to digital resources.

Library Employee Learning
We value the unique contribution and capacity of each library employee and provide learning opportunities for all to advance personal, professional and organizational growth and excellence.

Intellectual Inquiry
We value the principles of intellectual and academic freedom.

We value innovative uses of technology to promote student success, learning and access to information resources in-person and via distance learning programs.

Diversity and Respect
We value diversity, inclusive excellence, civility, and respect for all members of our university and public communities.

We value collaboration with students, library colleagues, university faculty, other CSU campuses, corporate leaders in the information technology industry, and community partners.

SJSU Library Strategic Directions 2012-2017

The SJSU Vision 2017 identifies 1) Spartan Pride, 2) Unbounded Learning, 3) Helping and Caring, 4) Agility through Technology, and 5) 21st Century Spaces as the guiding principles for the university as it continues its pursuit of excellence. The University Library, a gateway to student learning, information resources, scholarship and diverse intellectual and cultural heritage aligns its strategic directions with the University’s guiding principles. In doing so, we enrich student learning, support faculty teaching and research, promote scholarship and contribute to the lifelong learning for all of the community. To accomplish this and ensure continual improvement, the library engages in ongoing assessment, grant opportunities and fund raising.

The University Library's strategy supports the University's Vision 2017 in the following areas:

  • Digital Library Initiative
    Aggressively increase access, creation and use of digital collections, including unique special collections. Creatively utilize innovative technologies to provide the University and the broader community with a 21st century library environment, both physical and digital.

  • Electronic and Traditional Collections
    Build content, expand open access and participate in consortial resource-sharing to create access to collections in all formats which meet the learning, teaching and research needs of the students and faculty in the university’s undergraduate, graduate and developing doctoral programs.

  • Information Literacy Proficiency
    Strengthen campus partnerships to seamlessly integrate information resources, information literacy skills, open online inquiry, and assessment into the curriculum; ensuring graduates are capable of critical thinking and lifelong learning.

  • Research Services
    Strengthen research services provided to students, faculty and the general public, building upon traditional reference services and expanding to include delivery of reference in all technological formats and in a variety of settings.

  • Community Partnership
    Build upon success of partnership with the San Jose Public Library, by engaging in joint planning, deeper collaboration, and stellar customer service to expand access to knowledge, create meaningful learning opportunities and foster lifelong learning for both the university and the broader community.

  • Organizational Capacity and Growth
    Invest in learning and development of all library faculty and staff in order to create a nimble, responsive organization capable of continual improvement and change.

SJSU Library Strategic Directions Aligned with University Goals

Goal One: Spartan Pride
Instill Spartan Pride with students, faculty and community

Digital Library Initiative

    1. Open first SJSU-only study space on mezzanine of library - 2013
    2. Enhance SJSU library presence using social media - 2012 & ongoing

Electronic and Print Collections

    1. Promote SJSU faculty publications & student theses in ScholarWorks - 2012 & ongoing
    2. Embed SJSU digitized Special Collections & ScholarWorks within the Learning Management System (LMS) - 2013 & ongoing

Community Partnership

    1. Collaborate with SJPL to promote King Library in community - 2013 & ongoing
    2. Increase digitization of joint Special Collections' images - 2013 & ongoing
    3. Promote University Library lectures & programs to community - 2013 & ongoing
    4. Reach out to community organizations (KQED, Commonwealth Club, etc.) to utilize library for programming - 2012 & ongoing

Goal Two: Unbounded Learning
Enhance student success through continuous learning innovations

Digital Library Initiative

    1. Create critical mass of entries into Scholar Works – 2013 & ongoing
    2. Expand Affordable Learning Solutions partnerships with faculty - 2013 & ongoing
    3. Increase digital content and educate users in discovery of Special Collections digitization – 2013 & ongoing
    4. Educate students and faculty on use of E-Books using e-book readers, tablets, laptops, and smart phones – 2013 & ongoing

Electronic and Print Collections

    1. Analyze cost and use data of Demand Driven E-Book Acquisition – 2012 - 2013
    2. Increase acquisition of e-book and other digital information and streaming resources – 2012 & ongoing
    3. Analyze data of back file periodical holdings for usage and duplication  – 2014
    4. Analyze use of circulating collection to determine storage, open stacks and other disposition of print copies to create interactive student learning spaces –2013 & ongoing
    5. Determine cost efficiencies of partnering with other library consortia beyond CSU –2013 & ongoing
    6. Implement copyright guidelines and procedures to guide digitization and digital curation of open access resources – 2013 & ongoing
    7. Implement patron driven acquisition within interlibrary loan services – 2014 & ongoing
    8. Promote open access collections and publishing with university community – 2012 & ongoing

Information Literacy Proficiency

    1. Partner with WASC committee to develop information literacy assignments and assessment measures for WASC Accreditation – 2013 - 2014
    2. Develop and implement campus wide tiered information literacy program –2013 & ongoing

Research Services

    1. Improve research services via mobile technologies – 2012 & ongoing
    2. Assess learning outcomes in one-on-one research consultation – 2013 & ongoing
    3. Open first SJSU Library Student Learning and Research Commons – 2013 
    4. Assess current reference model; determine modifications - 2014

Goal Three: Helping and Caring
Create a culture of helping 

Digital Library Initiative

    1. Promote Affordable Learning Solutions to students – 2012 & ongoing
    2. Engage with students via social networking – 2012 & ongoing

Research Services and Information Literacy Proficiency

    1. Create Customer Satisfaction Survey for in-person and on-line service – 2014
    2. Analyze data and develop improved helping practices – 2014 & ongoing
    3. Develop and implement a helping, caring and welcoming environment – 2012 & ongoing
    4. Enhance and deliver welcoming information and orientation library program as part of campus faculty orientation program – 2014 & ongoing
    5. Reach out to SJSU students to demonstrate the use of information literacy skills for non-academic purposes – 2014 & ongoing

Community Partnership

    1. Collaborate with SJPL to build learning communities among staff – 2014 & ongoing
    2. Collaborate with Student Services to provide helping and caring within library – 2014 & ongoing
    3. Collaborate with Student Academic Support Services to bring other academic support services into the library – 2014 & ongoing

Organizational Growth and Capacity

    1. Provide on-site training and professional development for staff – 2012 & ongoing
    2. Identify and recognize library accomplishments (such as the Student Learning & Research Commons) – 2013 & ongoing
    3. Implement Library Scholarship for Student Assistants – 2012 & ongoing
    4. Provide quality security and safety measures for all staff – 2012 & ongoing
    5. Implement professional and social activities to build community for staff – 2012 & ongoing
    6. Create a library faculty and staff Helping and Caring group to make recommendations for a better helping and caring work environment - 2014
    7. Create a collection of technological devices for staff/library faculty to utilize in carrying out responsibilities of position – 2013 & ongoing
    8. Create a staff and library faculty Idea Bank to encourage suggestions for new services and facility modifications – 2014 & ongoing
    9. Implement a university library employee recognition program to be developed by the Professional Development Council – 2014 & ongoing

Goal Four: Agility Through Technology
Continue to grow an advanced technology infrastructure

Digital Library Initiative

    1. Implement Library Server and Desktop Virtualization – 2013 - 2014
    2. Complete Library IT Business Continuity Plan – 2014 - 2015
    3. Migrate to Next Generation Library Resource Management System – 2014 - 2015
    4. Implement Mobile Web Services for study rooms  - 2014 - 2015
    5. Develop alternate ways to loan E-books on mobile devices – 2014 - 2015
    6. Install Mobile Charging Stations throughout library – 2013 - 2015
    7. Implement Digital Signage one floor at a time – 2014 – 2017

Information Literacy Proficiency

    1. Embed library resources and services Learning Management System – 2013 & ongoing
    2. Implement lecture capture for Information Literacy Instruction - 2014
    3. Determine feasibility for MOOC for Information Literacy – 2014
    4. Determine information literacy support for university MOOCs – 2013 & ongoing
    5. Implement software product for access to library FAQs – 2013 - 2014

Research Services

    1. Implement use of mobile devices for roving reference – 2014 - 2015
    2. Embed access to research consultation into LMS - 2014 - 2015

Organizational Capacity and Growth

    1. Implement ongoing training in new technologies for all employees – 2013 & ongoing
    2. Increase ease with which employees can use self-service to update software on work desktops – 2014 & ongoing

Goal Five: 21st Century Spaces
Provide learning and collaborating spaces for students and faculty

Digital Library Initiative

    1. Enhance Wi-Fi, charging stations, lending of devices – 2013 – 2017
    2. Create SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons Spaces – 2013 – 2017
    3. Create Faculty and Graduate Student Commons Spaces – 2014 – 2017
    4. Create Smart Study Rooms with video, presentation, data and other equipment – 2014-2017
    5. Utilize furnishings to best promote learning, productivity  and ergonomic health in student and staff areas – 2013 & ongoing

Electronic and Print Collections

    1. Analyze print circulating collection data – 2013 – 2014
    2. Implement weeding plan to facilitate re-purposing of space – 2013 – 2017
    3. Identify regional storage space with CSU and other consortia – 2014 -2017
    4. Repurpose book stacks square footage into student learning spaces – 2014 & ongoing

Community Partnership

    1. Partner with Peer Connections to provide re-purposed library space for peer tutoring – 2013
    2. Partner with other Student Academic Success Services to provide re-purposed library space for academic support services in library – 2014 & ongoing