Spring 2018

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A Message from the Dean

Photo of Dean Tracy Elliott

Welcome to spring semester at the San José State University Library. This issue of Academic Gateway is full of information about the innovative changes happening in the library. Included in this issue are descriptions of events, exhibits, new services, new librarians, and new resources. First, we have exhibits and events you will not want to miss, including a lecture by author Natalie Baszile. The Provost and library-sponsored University Scholar Series continues once a month this spring to showcase the groundbreaking research of our faculty. A full catered lunch is provided for all who attend the lectures, no RSVPs are required. Second, there are a number of new services in the library including: a laptop vending machine, materials library, virtual and augmented reality stations, and sound recording studio. Third, we welcome several new librarians and an administrator to the library including: Director of Special Collections and Archives, a Data Services Librarian, Student Success Librarian, and Director of Academic Services. Most of these roles are new to the library and reflect the need to provide innovative and evolving library services to support the research, scholarship, and creative activity of the university. Please enjoy this issue, and as always, if you have any questions be sure to ask!

Tracy Elliott
Dean, University Library

Events & Exhibits @ King Library

photo of Natalie Baszile

The Center for Literary Arts Presents Natalie Baszile
Thurs., February 8, 7–8:30 p.m.
King Library 225 (second floor)
Join us for a reading and conversation with Selena Anderson featuring author of "Queen Sugar," Natalie Baszile. 

University Scholar Series Logo; image of three books.

University Scholar Series
Co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the university library, the Office of Faculty Affairs, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, and the Spartan Bookstore. Speakers are recommended in collaboration with the RSCA Advisory Council. Find the latest information on the series.

  • The Project of Cross-Cultural and Scientifically Informed Critical Thinking, Dr. Anand Jayprakash Vaidya, Philosophy Dept., Wed., February 21, noon-1 p.m., King Library 225 (second floor).
  • Neurological Accidents: Brain, Behavior & Rehabilitation in Alzheimer’s Disease & Stroke, Nidhi Mahendra, Dept. of Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Wed., March 21, noon-1 p.m., King Library 225 (second floor).
  • Negotiating Socialism in Rural China: Mao, Peasants and Local Cadres in Shanxi, 1949–1953, Dr. Xiaojia Hou, History Dept., Wed., April 18, noon-1 p.m., King Library 225 (second floor).
Photo of Jasmin Darznik

Returning Steinbeck Fellow Jasmin Darznik 
Thurs., March 1, 7–8 p.m. 
Steinbeck Center 590 (fifth floor)

The Steinbeck Center will be hosting a reading by former Steinbeck Fellow Jasmin Darznik who will be reading from her new novel, "Song of a Captive Bird."


Photo of Don George

Lurie Author-In-Residence: Don George 
Tues., March 20, 7–8:30 p.m.
King Library 225 (second floor)
Join us for a reading and book signing at the King Library featuring travel writer and editor Don George.

Photo of a fortepiano

Visiting artist Guadalupe López-Íñiguez, cello, joins Gwendolyn Mok, fortepiano
Wed., April 18
Pre-concert lecture: 6–6:30 p.m.
Concert: 7–8:30 p.m.
Beethoven Center & Schiro Room 550 (fifth floor)
A free lecture and recital featuring cellist Guadalupe López-Íñiguez joined by pianist Gwendolyn Mok.

Photo of John Steinbeck in the early 1940s

Steinbeck Fellows reading
Thurs., May 3, 7–8 p.m.
Steinbeck Center 590 (fifth floor)
This year’s Steinbeck Fellows are Dinika Amaral, Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, Sunisa Manning, Dominica Phetteplace, C. Kevin Smith and Shruti Swami. For more information, go to: sjsu.edu/steinbeck/fellows/.

Librarians Guide Students in Their Research

Photo of librarian Ann Agee

Ann Agee, School of Information and Online Learning Librarian

Ann Agee is the librarian for the School of Information (iSchool), SJSU’s library and information science program. This program is an online-only graduate school with 2,000+ students from across the United States and around the world.

Ann mostly works with graduate students online, and because of this, sessions are held via email and through the video conferencing tool Zoom.  Ann also creates video tutorials for her students. Students typically email Ann about problems they are having with their research, and Ann provides search terms and strategies. One tip Ann recommends is using Google Scholar, which can be customized to search across the King Library’s databases as well as all of the other scholarly literature available online.

Ann wishes students knew how willing and motivated library staff, faculty and administration are to provide students with what is needed to succeed in their studies. Many students feel anxiety and stress during the research process but Ann wants to encourage students to ask for help.

Library anxiety, according to Ann, is the confusion and frustration felt by library users faced with the need to find information in a library. It can keep students from successfully completing college-level work and progressing in their degree.

“By helping relieve this anxiety and giving students the research skills to work on their own, I help make sure they’re able to finish the program,” Ann said.

Although Ann primarily works with students online, she sees tremendous value in conducting in-person sessions, because when students take the opportunity to meet with their librarians, it promotes a comfortable environment where two people can work together to solve a problem. As Ann puts it, sometimes “students—like everyone—don’t know what they don’t know” and the only way to know something is to ask.


Photo of librarian Linda Crotty

Linda Crotty, Engineering Librarian

Linda Crotty is the librarian for the College of Engineering, covering several departments within this college such as Aerospace, Aviation, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and many more. Linda works with undergraduate students who are taking their 100W class and graduate students who contact her for help with finding resources or navigating the library website.

Linda is approached by many different students seeking her assistance with finding peer-reviewed journals, topics to begin their projects and general research questions. Since meeting with students in person is not always feasible, students often ask her questions via email. While this is probably the easiest mode of communication, having a back-and-forth conversation and brainstorming together can often make it easier for both the librarian and the student to solve difficult research questions.

Linda strives to make her sessions with students as hands-on as possible and lives by the motto “learn by doing.” She encourages students to understand that beginning research is a process and it takes time and practice to find reliable and relevant sources. She is even looking into creating video content for engineering students that demonstrates how to use the databases and provides answers to common questions related to conducting research.

For engineering students in particular she suggests using the Engineering Village database for general information. She also suggests using Google Scholar, which can connect to the library’s databases. For making a bibliography and keeping track of citations, she suggests using RefWorks. All of these tools can be found on the library’s website: library.sjsu.edu.

From helping a graduate student find journals online to working with a group of students in person and via email on a project about improving the library, Linda is here to help.


Photo of librarian Christa Bailey

Christa Bailey, Business Librarian

Christa Bailey is the librarian for Accounting and Finance, Economics, Hospitality Management, and Marketing and Decision Sciences. About 90 percent of the students she works with are undergraduates.

For Christa, the number one question students have is how to go about finding articles for their paper. Starting to research can be a daunting task but Christa suggests selecting a topic you are genuinely interested in or passionate about since you will be spending a lot of time with this topic. If a student is not excited with the topic from the beginning, it can make researching a challenging process.

Before a student session Christa likes to talk with the professors about the assignment in order to have a better understanding of the professor’s expectations. This allows Christa to tailor each session to the assignment and evaluate what tools and strategies will best meet the students’ needs. It is common for students to think they are not good at the research process; however what is often the case is students not using the right tools. Christa added, “I start by asking them what search strategies they have already tried. Where have they done their searching? Have they been primarily searching on Google? Or have they used any library resources? What search strategies have been successful and where have they run into problems?”

When teaching in front of a class Christa tries to get her students to actively participate. For example, having students share their search strategies in front of the class proved to be an enlightening experience. Students were able to learn, relax, laugh and enjoy the process. Even learning the research process itself takes time and when learning something new it is common to make mistakes, but that is okay! A little hands-on experience and student involvement makes these types of sessions more enjoyable. Christa stated, “My goal for each session is to make students’ lives easier. I want to save them time, lessen their stress and make the time they do spend researching more productive.”


Having trouble narrowing down a topic? Need to find peer-reviewed articles? The SJSU Library has a librarian for every subject! If you need assistance with finding reliable sources, using the library’s databases, or any other study or research related questions, contact your subject librarian for assistance: Subject Librarian Directory.


A New Year Brings New Services to the Library

Several new services have been implemented in the library in order to better serve SJSU students. Whether providing laptops for Spartan night owls during overnight study hours or bringing in new technologies for a wide range of majors, the SJSU Library staff and faculty support students in a variety of ways.


Photo of laptop vending machine

Laptop vending machine

With the SJSU Library officially open 24 hours five days a week, new services were needed for the overnight hours. As of October 1st, students have been able to access laptops during extended hours from the laptop vending service. This service assures students have access to computers when Student Computing Services is not open.

All active SJSU students can use their Tower ID number to check out laptops from lockers located on the fourth floor of the library. Laptops come equipped with chargers and software offered by the campus such as MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and SPSS. The service started with 30 laptops, both Mac and Windows, and will grow according to student demand.




Sound Studio

Sound Studio

In September, a new sound recording studio was installed on the fourth floor of the library in response to student requests for a dedicated sound creation and editing space.





Photo of Waiyaki in front of Sound Studio

Freshman Waiyaki, who is looking to major in business, uses the Sound Studio on a weekly basis.

“I found out about it when I saw the video for it playing on the big screen on the fourth floor. So, I checked it out. Now I go in there every week,” Waiyaki said.

The Sound Studio provides complete sound isolation for students looking to edit sound for videos, record podcasts, practice an instrument or edit their latest video game soundtrack.

“I might spend three or four hours in there during a recording session. I use it to record my music for fun. I record beats, rap, edit tracks and just mess around,” Waiyaki said.

It comes equipped with two microphones, a mixer, full keyboard and a high-end Apple editing station offering GarageBand, Logic Pro X and ProTools. Students can check out the Sound Studio for four-hour intervals from Student Computing Services.

“For me, it has everything I need. I haven’t noticed anything that is missing or keeps me from doing what I want to do,” Waiyaki said.


Check out the video below to see what the Sound Studio is all about:


Materials Library

The Materials Library is a collection of material samples including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics that library visitors can review, evaluate and experience. The materials are indexed and described in depth by the Materials ConneXion database. Inspired by Industrial Design faculty members who asked the university library to invest in the collection, the materials library should provide students and other library users the opportunity to holistically learn the science of materials. Users will find information and inspiration when designing products and developing innovative designs. Starting in the spring 2018 semester, all library users will be able to utilize this library to review 500 unique material samples. The university library hopes to expand the collection to 1,500 over the next several years.

ZSpace: Bringing virtual and augmented reality to the library

Soon students will be able to use zSpace systems on the fourth floor of the library. ZSpace technology combines elements of virtual and augmented reality that are immersive and interactive to create lifelike experiences on the computer. ZSpace applications such as the Human Anatomy Atlas assist with developing accurate mental models where users can see the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Design applications like these introduce students to interactive 3D creations of digital objects. Stay tuned for more information about opening dates.

These new library services enhance the available resources in the library for SJSU students and support them in their academic success.


Check out the video below to see what services are offered for students on the fourth floor of the King Library:

Why Students Go to the Library

Photo of Eddy, Tabletop Game Group Leader, and other students playing games

Eddie, Tabletop Game Group Leader

“We meet every Friday afternoon from 12 to 6… People show up at different times due to labs… Occasionally random students will show up to just play two-player games with their friends. We'd like to see more of that.”





Photo of Jeanelle, a Mechanical Engineering Student

Jeanelle, Mechanical Engineering Student

“I’m in the library every day. I come to the fourth floor to hang out with friends. I always borrow laptops, white boards, markers and other stuff from the student desk [Student Computing Services].”





Photo of Lucia, Chemistry Student

Lucia, Chemistry Student

“I’m at the library mostly to study... I have used the online resources and I met with my subject librarian as part of a class lecture inside one of the library classrooms.”








Photo of Derrick Lao, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate

Derrick Lao, Mechanical Engineering Graduate

“This is my fourth year at SJSU, and I’ve been constantly using the library three or four hours a day on weekdays during the school year. I tutor students in Math, Physics and Mechanical Engineering and we use the fourth floor as a good space to meet up. The Hub has a lot of space and we check out markers for the whiteboards at SCS [Student Computing Services]... so we always have what we need. I feel a good sense of community with the students on the fourth floor. The SCS people are very helpful. I always go there if I have a question.”

New Librarians

Kate Barron, Data Services Librarian

Welcoming the New Data Services Librarian, Kate Barron!

Kate Barron is SJSU Library’s new Data Services Librarian and library liaison to the Computer Science, Environmental Studies and Mathematics departments.

Kate is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she completed her Master of Arts in information science. In graduate school, she was able to study both librarianship and data analytics. Outside the classroom, Kate practiced librarianship as a User Information Services Assistant, and later Specialist, at the University of Michigan Libraries, where she provided reference services both in person and virtually through email and instant message.

Her library experience was supplemented by community service work in data analytics, management and governance. For example, Kate spent a summer in Medellin, Colombia, where she contributed information technology knowledge to a public health program that used automated phone calls and text messages to support self-care for patients with chronic conditions.

During her second year of graduate school, she helped organize a “data hackathon,” wherein community non-profits worked with volunteer analysts to answer data-related questions.

Kate decided to come to San José State University because the Data Services Librarian position integrated her interests in librarianship and programming around campus data needs. Big data collection, storage and analysis are affecting everyone's lives more than ever, albeit often under the radar. Kate is excited to support students, faculty and staff in navigating this new landscape.

If you are interested in learning more about data services visit her research guide, libguides.sjsu.edu/dataservices.



Laurie Borchard, Student Success Librarian

Welcoming the New Student Success Librarian, Laurie Borchard!

Laurie Borchard is the new Student Success Librarian and library liaison to the College of International and Extended Studies and Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management.  Originally from the Midwest, Laurie has been living in Los Angeles for the last five years. She previously worked at California State University, Northridge, as the Digital Learning Initiatives Librarian, where she created library tutorials, worked with students one on one and coordinated the campus textbook affordability initiative. She considers San José State University to be one of the best colleges in the CSU system and thinks the location in Silicon Valley makes for a lot of exciting opportunities, especially for libraries. Plus, she gets a needed break from the hot weather.

Laurie loves working with students. She is always impressed by the hard work and determination students have and finds herself learning from them constantly. She is very passionate about the CSU experience and strongly believes in affordable education for everyone.

Laurie went to college right out of high school, but quit after two years because of a lack of direction, no connection to the faculty and feelings of not belonging. She returned to college after 10 years and knew she wanted to be a librarian. Laurie has a lot of compassion and empathy for students, knowing how daunting it can be, especially as a first generation college student herself.

One of the reasons Laurie came to King Library as the Student Success Librarian was because she was really impressed with what the campus was doing with their graduation initiative and the steps the university was already taking to improve student success. The King Library plays a huge role in student success, as a place to study, a place for information literacy instruction, research assistance, information sources, laptops, tutoring and much more. Having already spearheaded the library’s events for this year’s International Education Week, Laurie is looking forward to continuing her work with faculty, staff, administrators and students in improving student success at SJSU.


Craig Simpson, Director of Special Collections & Archives

Welcoming the New Director of Special Collections & Archives, Craig Simpson!

Craig Simpson comes to the SJSU Library with over 20 years of experience as a librarian, archivist and faculty member in higher education. While earning a Master of Arts in history at Marquette University (MU), Craig began his career working with collections as diverse as the papers of J.R.R. Tolkien and Senator Joseph McCarthy at the MU Special Collections and Archives. He gained further experience processing faculty papers as an intern at The Ohio State University Archives while earning a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Kent State University.

Immediately following his MLIS, Craig spent six years as Special Collections Librarian at Kent State University Libraries. Additionally, he headed the Kent State Shootings Oral History Project, a digital collection of over 100 interviews pertaining to the May 4, 1970, confrontation between Vietnam War protesters and the Ohio National Guard on the Kent State campus.

For the last seven years, Craig has served as Lilly Library Manuscripts Archivist at Indiana University. In 2015, he was one of the driving forces behind "Orson Welles: A Centennial Celebration and Symposium," a four-day international symposium featuring approximately 100 visiting scholars, archivists and filmmakers from six countries. He also curated an accompanying exhibition highlighting over 150 items from the Welles holdings at the Lilly Library. Craig’s efforts led to his participation on a current grant project to digitize 800 of Welles’s radio broadcasts housed on lacquer discs.

Craig has taught history at Marquette University, humanities at Columbus State Community College and a wide range of courses in library science and lifelong learning at Indiana University.

Craig has family roots in the Bay Area and is excited and honored to be joining SJSU Special Collections and Archives, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and the San José community. Explore SJSU’s unique archive collections through OneSearch.


Photo of Aliza Elkin the New Liaison for the Art & Art History, Design and Humanities Departments

Welcoming the New Liaison for the Art & Art History, Design and Humanities Departments, Aliza Elkin!

Aliza Elkin is the new liaison for the Art and Art History and Design departments. She will also be liaison for the Humanities department during the spring 2018 semester. Before relocating to the Bay Area, Aliza earned her bachelor’s degree in gender and women’s studies from Hampshire College and Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan. She also attended the Rhode Island School of Design Summer Institute for Graphic Design Studies.

As a graduate student in Ann Arbor, Aliza was an education and exhibitions intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. She also spent two months in residence at the UWC-Robben Island Museum Mayibuye Archives in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the largest collections of records about apartheid, the liberation struggle, and political imprisonment in the country. Aliza worked with the historical papers staff to implement an institutional processing policy and bolster the discoverability of archival materials by local researchers and activists.

Aliza is interested in information ethics, accessible design, and conscientious citational practices. She is a part-time software archivist at the Computer History Museum archives in Fremont. She is thrilled to join the SJSU community, excited to attend student art exhibitions, and eager to support the research, scholarship and creative activities of students and faculty at SJSU.


Photo of Marci Hunsaker the New Liaison for the Communication Studies Department

Welcoming the New Liaison for the Communication Studies Department, Marci Hunsaker!

Marci Hunsaker is no stranger to the SJSU King Library. She first learned about the library as an MLIS student when her Academic Library class toured the library wearing hard hats. That was just before the library opened to the public. After an internship and a graduate student position in the library, Marci went on to an adjunct librarian role after graduation. Duties included reference (in person and online), information literacy (including online resources), and liaison outreach to several campus subject areas. For two years, she was co-head of reference, working closely with her public library colleague. Then, for three years, she was the library liaison for the SLIS program (now the iSchool) which had become a completely online program. After living abroad for a time, Marci has returned to the King Library.

Marci is the new liaison for the Communication Studies Department. She will be teaching information literacy classes, working with Collection Development, and assisting faculty and students in the department with any of their research and library needs.


Welcoming the New Director of Academic Services, Aslihan Bulut!

Photo of Aslihan Bulut, the director of academic services

Aslihan Bulut is originally from Turkey and immigrated to the United States with her family when she was 10 years old. Her fondness of libraries developed soon after, because she learned English from reading Curious George and quickly graduated to Nancy Drew and read the entire series available to her at her branch library until she discovered ILL! She has been in love with libraries ever since and has worked in public and academic libraries for close to 30 years.

Most recently, she was the Program Coordinator and Librarian for Foreign, Comparative and International Law at Harvard Law School. Prior to Harvard, she was a Reference Librarian at Columbia Law School in New York. This is her first time living on the west coast and she’s enjoying this spectacular weather having escaped the winter storm known as the “bomb cyclone” on the East Coast.

Aslihan has worked in a variety of public and academic libraries and feels that the King Library combines the best of both worlds for her. She is particularly looking forward to broadening her familiarity with resources in the variety of disciplines represented at SJSU and learning from the expertise of her colleagues here.

Her subject strengths include international, foreign and domestic law and policy. She especially enjoys researching in the areas of human rights and humanitarian law. One of the recent projects she was managing at Harvard was the digitization of the Islamic law collection and creation of a portal on Sharia law, where she continues to be the Library Editor.

Aslihan holds a Bachelor of Science in biology with a minor in law, a Master of Library Science and a Juris Doctor. She enjoys continuous education and loves learning new languages. She is fluent in Turkish, can read and write Arabic and Persian and has working knowledge of Spanish and French. She can also speak Karachay, a language spoken by only about 300,000 people in the world, and has dabbled in learning Ottoman Turkish.

Aslihan will be overseeing the faculty liaison librarians and providing leadership, planning and administration for instruction and research support. She will assist in the development and implementation of library services and initiatives that facilitate the success of students, researchers and scholars.

Welcoming the New Director of Development, Anh Ly!

Photo of Ahn Ly, the new director of development

Anh Ly did not take a traditional path to development. After completing her Ph.D. in comparative literature and French from Northwestern University, she decided to explore areas beyond academia to apply her teaching, writing and research skills. Eleven years later, she is back within academic walls, not teaching students but helping to enrich their learning experience. As Development Director for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, she works closely with Dean Tracy Elliott to raise support for the library and ensure that it grows to meet the evolving needs of students and faculty.

Before joining San José State University and the CSU system, she worked for another statewide institution, the University of California. At the University of California Press Foundation, she served as Associate Director before transitioning to a Major Gifts Officer role to secure support for publications from monographs to coursebooks. Her work at UC Press Foundation underlined for her the importance of scholarship for both students and faculty. It also highlighted the essential role libraries play as a depository of research, a convening space to share ideas and, most importantly, the vanguard of new technology on university campuses.

In many ways, coming to SJSU and the King Library is a natural progression for Anh. After working in the areas of the arts, policy, broadcast and publishing, raising support for the King Library brings together two of the most important things for her: promoting great ideas and working with young people.

It also cements San José as her new home. Having grown up in the East Bay, the move south seemed a world away but still feels very much like home with its close proximity to the Sierra mountains, the Pacific coastline and great east Asian food.

2017 Annual Authors & Artists Honored At SJSU Library

Photo of author on podium presenting published work

Every fall at the SJSU Annual Author & Artist Awards, faculty and staff who have published books or other major, significant works during the year are honored for their contributions to their field. Other major works have included movies, plays and music. This year’s event celebrated the work of 39 faculty and staff members who published work in 2017. The event was held in the eighth floor Grand Reading Room in the SJSU Library with an opening address from President Mary Papazian and closing remarks from Provost Andy Feinstein. All work was on display for guests to browse and the Spartan Bookstore sold copies.  During the program, college deans described each work while authors and artists received a certificate from the provost.  Each honored work has a corresponding entry in ScholarWorks (scholarworks.sjsu.edu/faculty_books_2017), SJSU’s online repository for scholarly work. Members from the Office of the Provost, Office of Research, university library and Spartan Bookstore who sponsored this event want to thank the SJSU community and acknowledge the extensive academic accomplishments it contributes. Find photos here from this year's awards event and stay tuned for information about 2018’s Annual Author & Artist Awards for the fall semester.

2017 Honored Authors & Artists

Susan Aber, School of Information

Roberta Ahlquist, Secondary Education

Scott Alkire, Linguistics & Language Development

Susan Alman, School of Information Other published work

Brian Belet, Music & Dance

Ahmet Bindal, Computer Engineering Other published work

Michael Conniff, History

Johnny Damm, English & Comparative Literature

Brent Duckor, Secondary Education

Linda Dunn-Jensen, School of Global Innovation & Leadership

Jan English-Lueck, Anthropology

Mohamed Fayad, Computer Engineering Other published work

Andy Feinstein, Office of the Provost

Peter Haas, Political Science

Susan Higgins, School of Information

Carrie Holmberg, Teacher Education

Cay Horstmann, Computer Science

Midori Ishida, World Languages and Literatures

Jennifer Jumba, School of Information

Liz Linden, Humanities

Aaron Lington, Music & Dance

Lili Luo, School of Information

Shishir Mathur, Urban & Regional Planning

Ellen Metzger, Geology

Scott Myers-Lipton, Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Kyoung-Ah Nam, School of Global Innovation & Leadership

Joyce Osland, School of Global Innovation & Leadership Other published work

Heidi McHugh Pendleton, Occupational Therapy

Kathrine Richardson, Geography & Global Studies

Wendy Rouse, Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Jennifer Rycenga, Humanities

Winifred Schultz-Krohn, Occupational Therapy

Daniel Silverman, Linguistics & Language Development

Alan Soldofsky, English & Comparative Literature

Mark Stamp, Computer Science

Randall Stross, School of Management

Pat Walls, College of Science

Elizabeth Weiss, Anthropology

Pamela Wells, School of Global Innovation & Leadership

Explore the New Electronic Databases

Electronic Databases

Cabell's Blacklist   

Explore over 11,000 academic journals across 18 disciplines! The Blacklist is a database that tracks deceptive and predatory academic journals. Specialists analyze over 60 behavioral indicators such as misleading metrics, irregular publication practices, peer review practices, and much more, to keep academia protected from exploitative operations.

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni is a new product that replaces LexisNexis Academic. Nexis Uni features more than 15,000 sources, and U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790. Sources include: print and online journals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires and blogs, Local, regional, national and international newspapers and business information on more than 80 million U.S. and international companies and more than 75 million executives.


King Library Book Cart Drill Team

Fall 2017 finals week kicked off with a cheerful performance by the King Library Book Cart Drill Team, made up of employees from both SJSU Library and San José Public Library, accompanied by live bagpiper Lettie Smith on the first floor of the library. The audience could watch the performance from multiple floors through the atrium. Check out the video below to watch this unique and festive routine:

Faculty and Staff Updates

Emily Chan, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship

Emily Chan is now the Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship. She has a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Grinnell College and a Master of Library Information Science from SJSU. Emily joined SJSU Library in 2011 as a tenure-track science librarian. In 2015, she assumed the role of Scholarly Communications Librarian, leading the library's efforts in programming and outreach on authors' rights retention, open access publishing issues, copyright/fair use issues, research and publication lifecycles, and federal funding compliance requirements. She also assisted in the management of the campus institutional repository, SJSU ScholarWorks. Prior to serving as Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, Emily was promoted to Associate Librarian.


Anamika Megwalu, Assessment & Engineering Librarian

Anamika Megwalu was a member of the Common Reader Program at York College, The City University of New York, where she developed a sustainable partnership between the library and the Common Reader Program. She also co-authored the article “The Library and the Common Reader Program: A Collaborative Effort to College Transition,” which was published in a highly reputable peer-reviewed journal, Reference Services Review, in September 2017.

Following her arrival at SJSU in fall 2016 as the Assessment & Engineering Librarian, Anamika created a libguide in collaboration with Dr. Scot Guenter, Professor and Director of the SJSU Campus Reading Program (CRP), that included information on ACRL’s information literacy competency standards and corresponding learning objectives, relevant library resources, and most importantly, sample research skills assignments that can be integrated into course assignments. The libguide was published on the CRP’s official website. On November 16, 2017, Dr. Karin Jeffery, Ms. Erin Enguero (student), and Anamika held a discussion on the CRP book "Hot Dogs and Hamburgers." The discussion session was very interactive and was well attended by thirty-two students. It is her hope that this partnership with the library will continue to grow in the future.


Photo of Yen Tran, the new Research Impact

Yen Tran is now the Research Impact Librarian. The Research Impact Librarian is responsible for developing services and support for campus-wide initiatives on understanding, measuring, visualizing and reporting of research impact and outcomes. Yen's background in the sciences and collection development will prove to be useful in this new role. She will continue to support her current liaison areas in the sciences. 

Julie Kowalewski Ward, the University Access Services Manager, and Michael Condon, Access Services Specialist

Julie Kowalewski Ward, the University Access Services Manager, and Michael Condon, Access Services Specialist, attended the conference Unlocking the 21st Century Library in Atlanta, GA this past November. They were able to network with other library employees from around the United States and attend a variety of classes that provided educational opportunities focused on the daily operations involved in access services in a university library. The Academic Affairs Staff Professional Development Grant awarded both Julie and Mike a grant that enabled them to attend.




Yuhfen Diana Wu

Congratulations to Librarian Yuhfen Diana Wu for being awarded the PrivCo Prize for Business Librarianship. This prize awards $1,500 to the librarians deemed to best embody the core values of the profession, including engagement, innovation and education.

Diana was awarded based on the factors of education and scholarly contribution. Her research guides were accessed over 25,000 times in 2016 alone; here is one of her most-used guides: libguides.sjsu.edu/business.

She provided more than 300 one-on-one research consultations in 2016. In addition to active involvement with students, she has published/presented over 50 works that have been downloaded 2,882 times by scholars and researchers from around the world.





Photo of twenty-four library staff members standing in front of the library.

A new association, the SJSU Library Staff Association, has been established to foster open communication between staff and departments, promote fellowship among library staff and provide professional development opportunities to library staff. This organization serves as a way to keep everyone informed about upcoming projects and share tips and ideas for professional development. Currently there are 40 classified staff members in the library. This upcoming year, goals include arranging training session opportunities and scheduling an open forum with Dean Elliott to provide input about the library.


SJSU Library Open 24 Hours

Did you know the King Library is open 24 hours, Sunday to Thursday? Just remember to bring your SJSU Tower Card! Check it out:

SJSU King Library Open 24 Hours from SJSU King Library on Vimeo.