Books for Little Hands Cards Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

San José Public Library issues restricted Books for Little Hands (B4LH) library cards to Smart Start Certified sites and Smart Start Affiliates to facilitate access to B4LH materials.  These facilities must agree to assume responsibility for the use of the B4LH library card(s) by their staff, including borrowing and returning materials.

Need for Policy

Smart Start San José Certified sites and Smart Start Affiliates could benefit from access to B4LH early curriculum materials developed specifically for pre-school age learning. 

When the certified site or affiliate assumes responsibility for the use of the library card by their approved staff members, the site agrees to reimburse the library for any lost materials and to monitor the use of BFLH library materials by its staff.

Requirements & Guidelines


  1. B4LH card is only available to Smart Start Certified sites and Smart Start Affiliates.
  2. Smart Start site director/owner must submit completed application.
  3. Smart Start site director/owner assumes responsibility for all use of the card(s), including replacement costs for lost materials.
  4. No late fees will be charged for overdue items.
  5. Delinquent accounts will be referred to the library’s collection agency, following the library’s policies and procedures.
  6. Total check-out item limit per card is 1 curriculum idea kit and 1 classroom bag.
  7. Only designated B4LH items may be borrowed using this card.

Smart Start Certified site and Smart Start Affiliates apply for card by submitting: 

  • Completed application for B4LH library card, once Smart Start certification or affiliate status has been approved by San José Public Library’s Early Care and Education Services unit.

Library staff will: 

  1. Issue the requested number of B4LH cards to the Smart Start director/owner
  2. Check-out B4LH materials at the desk and check-in materials upon their return.


Applicable Personnel/Departments

Circulation/KACY Staff, ECE Staff




Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
   Ned Himmel 11/1/11   

History & Dates

Category of Policy : User Services

Author(s): Dawn Perry, Jessica Lopez, Monica Florez, Carol da Silva

Authorized by:

Date Written: 10/1/11
Date Effective: 11/1/11


Books for Little Hands Procedure