Borrower Database Maintenance Policy - San José Public Library


Statement of Policy & Text

Beginning in 2007, borrower records which have expired and which have been inactive during the two years just previous to the expiration date will be deleted from the database.

Need for the Policy

  • In order to maintain the accuracy of the library’s patron database and to optimize usage of computer memory, files that are no longer in use should be deleted.
  • Various purchases made by the library (online databases, memberships, etc.) are dependent upon the number of registered borrowers in the library’s automated system. To be fiscally responsible, this library’s patron database should accurately reflect recent usage.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • San José Public Library borrower cards expire 4 years after they are issued.
  • Circulation Activity counters in patron records indicate whether the borrower has been verified for circulation processes or access to library informational databases. Therefore, customers who use their library accounts only to access online resources will not be deleted from the database.
  • Borrower records to be deleted will:
    • Be past their expiration date
    • Have less than $10 in outstanding delinquencies, and no billed materials
    • Have been inactive in the two years just previous to the expiration date, including use of online databases
  • Purge of inactive borrower records which meet the above criteria will be performed in January of each year.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

Circulation / Access Services




Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
Ned Himmel Ned Himmel 4/10/06

History & Dates

Category of Policy & WBS#: User Services
Author(s): Gayle Davis, SJPL Library Assistant
Authorized by: Ned Himmel, SJPL Assistant Director
Date Written: 4/7/06
Date Effective: 4/10/06
Date(s) of Revision(s): 3/8/2007 GD