Circulation - Paging Items Policy, King Library


Statement of Policy & Text

When customers/users of the King Library request circulating library materials by phone, the materials will be either retrieved directly by the appropriate library unit, if readily available, or will be paged.

  • If paged, the request is assigned to designated pages or student assistants who will search for the item and bring the results to the requesting unit/librarian.
  • The responsibility for providing pages/student assistants for this duty is shared by SJPL and SJSU.
  • No more than three (3) items will be paged per person, per request.

Need for the Policy

Customers/users who would like material they do not see on the shelves of their home library will need to make a request using the Library’s online catalog. In cases where customers/users need the item that same day, and are willing to make a trip to the King Library for check out, they can request circulating items by telephone. This process is termed “paging.”

Requirements & Guidelines

Phone requests for specific materials to be paged may come through the Call Center, the Children’s Room, or the 3rd floor General Collection area.

  • All incoming calls for specific titles to the Call Center are transferred to General Collections. Calls for general subject material, which require Reference help, will be transferred to the Reference Connection. Requests for Children’s items will be transferred to the Children's Room.

Requests for materials using email or the 24/7 Live Online Reference are received by the Reference Connection, which will handle the request, as required.

When pages/student assistants retrieve search forms from a librarian, they will search for circulating materials wherever they are located in the building.

  • After materials are searched, the pages will report the find as quickly as possible to the requesting unit or librarian.
    • Customers will be asked to call back in 15 – 30 minutes to confirm whether their titles were located on the shelf.
    • Found materials are taken to the 1st floor to be placed on the hold shelf.
    • Customer/user will be given the option of placing a computer request for materials not located on the shelf.

To confirm that non-circulating material is on shelf, customers/users need to call the specific department (e.g. California Room, Beethoven Center, Reference and so on), and request a shelf-check.

Applicable Personnel/Departments


General Collections

Children's Room

Call Center

Pages/student assistants




Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
Supervising Librarian   10/20/02
Associate Dean   10/20/02

History & Dates

Category of Policy:Administrative/Operations
Author(s): SJPL Supervising Librarian, General Collections: Rita Torres
SJSU Associate Dean: Jo Bell Whitlatch
Authorized by: Supervising Librarian and Associate Dean
Date Written: 10/8/03
Date Effective: 10/21/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 10/24/03, 11/6/03; 2/23/05


A. Disabilities Services Policy PL-208

B. Special Collections Service Points Policy PL-255