Fines And Fees Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

In order to protect library collections, King Library and all SJPL branches encourage the return of overdo materials and the collection of fines.  This includes using a collection agency when appropriate.  The Schedule of Fines, Fees, Limits, and Loan Periods establishes the fines for items returned late and the fees for lost and damaged items and for special services.

  • This schedule applies to the King Library and to all the libraries in the San José Public Library System.
  • Although the fines and fees vary by material type and patron type, they must be charged and collected consistently within the parameters established by the current version of this schedule, which is periodically reviewed and updated by the libraries.
  • Fines and fees may be reduced or waived by authorized staff if the situation warrants, using good judgment.

Need for the Policy

This policy fulfills the library’s need to:

  • Provide guidance for Library staff in the levying of fines and fees
  • Encourage patrons to return items by the due date to avoid being charged fines
  • Ensure consistency and fairness for all patrons

Requirements & Guidelines

Staff must follow the most current version of the Schedule of Fines, Fees, Limits, and Loan Periods when levying these charges.  When there is a question about whether to waive or reduce fines or fees, staff may consult a supervisor.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

Circulation staff at King Library and at San José Public Library branches, Library Information Technology




Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
KMT   5/9/03
City Council   unknown
University Library Board   unknown
KMT Ruth Kifer, John Wenzler, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Anne Cain, Neil Rufino, Sandra Stewart, Katie DuPraw 6/10/13

History & Dates

Category of Policy: Access Services Manager: Kowalewski-Ward
Author(s): Gayle Davis
Authorized by: Core Team, 5/9/03
Date Written: 7/24/02
Date Effective: 9/23/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 2/23/05, 7/19/10gd, 6/10/13; 7/01/16


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