King Library Atrium and Lobby Usage Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The Atrium on the First Floor of King Library is defined as the interior space between the two exterior sliding doors. The Lobby area is defined as the interior space between the interior sliding doors and the external doors on the north side of the building facing 4th street and San Fernando street. The Atrium and Lobby are dedicated for the use of King Library operations and services. Due to building codes, fire restrictions, as well as maintaining a library environment that supports learning, no event that anticipates a large crowd and/or loud noise should be held in the Atrium and Lobby. Also, due to fire restrictions and the need to maintain a professional appearance for the Atrium and Lobby, additional chairs, tables, easels, panels, collection bins, etc. should not be placed in the Atrium and Lobby. Requests for an exception should be submitted to Library Facilities & Purchasing Coordinator. Requests will be reviewed for their impact to the building structure, violation of building/fire codes, and impact on the look and appearance of the library. Exceptions to this policy may be granted for up to one month. Exceptions must be approved by the Co-Library Managers (University Dean and San Jose Public Library Director).

Need for the Policy

King Library must be in compliance with building and fire codes to ensure the safety of library employees and patrons.

King Library is a unique university/city partnership that often draws visitors from all over the country, as well as around the globe. The building interior features many pieces of artwork and is photographed, toured, and written about, often without advance notification. Therefore the look and feel of the building needs to be maintained to a high standard at all times.

King Library attracts 15,000 visitors per day. Many organizations would like to use the Library Atrium and Lobby to promote their cause. This policy authorizes the Co-Library Managers or their designees to determine how to evaluate requests to use the Library Atrium.

Requirements & Guidelines

  1. Event gatherings in the Atrium and Lobby over a long period of time (more than 1 hour) should not exceed 20 people.
  2. Events with amplifying media equipment or loud noise should not be held in the Atrium and Lobby.
  3. Furniture or large objects made of combustible materials should not be permanently added to the Atrium and Lobby without prior review & approval by Library Facilities & Purchasing Coordinator with State Fire Marshal.
  4. Only the Friends of the Library are permitted to collect or sell used books.
  5. No collection bins should be placed at the entrances and/or around the Atrium and Lobby.
    • Organizations may request an exception to this policy once a year. Requests for an exception to this policy must to be reviewed and approved by the Co-Managers or their designees. If the request for an exception is approved, the requesting organization will be given a maximum of one month to place a bin in the Atrium and Lobby. The appearance of the proposed bins must be in keeping with the professional appearance of King Library and approved as part of the request.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

All King Library employees, SJSU departments/colleges, and public groups/organizations




Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
KMT   June 12, 2010
KMT   2012


Ruth Kifer, Rae Ann Stahl, Mary Nino, Luann Budd, Jill Bourne, Neil Rufino, Katie DuPraw, Angie Miraflor, Jon Worona


History & Dates

Category of Policy & WBS#: Administration/ Operations,Facilities
Author(s): SJSU Facilities & Purchasing Coordinator, Tung Pham
Authorized by: KMT
Date Written: 4/1/2010
Date Effective: 6/10/2010
Date(s) of Revision(s): 3/27/2012ln, 12/12/2012


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