Meeting Room Overview Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The King Library offers a variety of rooms for people to use for a variety of purposes: to discuss topics, listen to music, study quietly, celebrate and entertain, listen to a lecture, learn to use library resources, hold meetings, study in small groups, and host special events.

Meeting Rooms, Group Study and Listening Rooms may be reserved by library staff and library card holders. The Library also has additional rooms that only library staff members may reserve.

Need for the Policy

The King Library is committed to providing equitable access to the meeting rooms for individuals and groups affiliated with the Library, San Jose State University, and the City of San Jose. Due to high demand and internal use, the Library must establish criteria for the use of its meeting space and regulate how frequently a particular group may use the rooms.

Requirements & Guidelines

Requests that meet the basic criteria in the Statement of Policy & Text above may qualify if they meet the specific Requirements & Guidelines for the following meeting rooms. For information about the use and restrictions of a specific room, check the specialized Policy for that room. (See References below for a list of related policies.)

MEETING ROOMS FOR BUSINESS/PUBLIC USE (both public and staff may make reservations)

Meeting Rooms 225/ 229, 255/257 are intended for both internal library use and external community and university use providing that individuals and groups use the rooms for:

  • Programs. The program must be advancing the Library’s mission to provide opportunities for a lifetime of learning. Programs must be free and open to the public, of interest to both academic and public communities, and must be advertised through a wide variety of media.
  • University or City Government Non-recurring Business meetings. These meetings are not open to the public and have a restricted invitation list. Consideration will not be given for meetings involving regularly scheduled courses, class meetings or presentations for course credit, student club or chapter meetings, monthly meetings including city and campus departmental meetings, non-Library fundraising events, reception-only events, or meetings that charge an admission fee or are closed to the public.
  • Business meetings held by community groups. These meetings are not open to the public and have a restricted invitation list. They are not directly associated with the City or the University. Generally this type of request is only approved once each year for any particular group.
    • Community Groups include clubs, organizations, civic or educational institutions, non-profit 501c3 groups.
    • Weddings, birthday parties, celebration breakfast, lunch or dinners are not considered a “business meeting”.

People interested in using meeting rooms for regular meetings of their organization, group, or club are encouraged to contact their local branch Library for availability. SJSU students are encouraged to contact the Student Union or Associated Students for available campus meeting room space. Library Administration reserves the right to approve or deny requests for room reservations.

SJPL and SJSU Library employees may book Meeting Rooms 225/ 229, 255/257 for Library-related meetings without approval from the Library co-managers, providing that the meetings involve Library business and support the Library’s mission.  See "MEETING ROOM PROCEDURES-INTERNAL USE" for instructions.

Group Study Rooms and Listening Rooms. The library has 36 Group Study rooms that are available to groups of 2-12 people. Listening Rooms (rooms 602 and 604) are available to groups of 1-4 people for the use of media equipment. A library cardholder can reserve these rooms online, up to 4 days in advance, for a maximum of 1 hour per day. •These rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled university courses or public meetings. People may have up to 4 active bookings.


  • Boardroom – Only for King Library staff meetings or official library advisory committees
  • Computer Labs/Training – Only for library instruction or professional development/training for employees
  • Staff Conference Rooms—10 rooms available for staff functions and meetings (L04, L35e, 333,455, 4005, 4013, 4017, 4024, 4025, 4029

SJPL and SJSU Library employees may book these rooms.


  • Cultural Heritage Center – Only for programs and meetings of multi-cultural interests. Special arrangements need to be made.
  • Rooftop Terrace – is restricted to Special Events sponsored by the Library co-managers.
  • Schiro Program Meeting Room – Special arrangements need to be made.
  • Children’s Exploration Meeting Room (this room is located on the 1st floor in the Children’s Room)-- Special arrangements need to be made.

Library Employee Room Reservation Requests:

SJPL and SJSU Library employees can book these rooms for library related meetings. Employees can do this simply by calling the Meeting room coordinators (University/Community Organizations contact – Candice McGee at (408)808-2011), (SJPL, City of San Jose Departments contact – Marti Zarate at (408)808-2163) An internal reservation form needs to be filled out (this can be obtained on the wall by the Receptionist desk or on the SJPL and SJSU intranet) and then turned into the appropriate Meeting Room Coordinator. This form helps to provide us with all the information needed for your meeting. While the internal form is required for internal groups, it does not need co-manager approval.

If the meeting is recurring, a form should be filled out with the dates or the recurrence listed on the form- there is no need to fill out a separate form for each date. Should you happen to need equipment or a special setup for one of your reoccurring meetings, please be sure to contact the Meeting Room Coordinator (SJPL 808-2163; SJSU 808-2011) at least 2 weeks in advance to give notice of these requested changes.

University and City employee Reservation Requests:

Employees of either the university or the city can also reserve rooms for city or university business. Because the primary purpose of the facility is to meet library programming and training needs, criteria and limitations exist for room scheduling of non-library groups in King Library.

Member of the Community - Library Cardholders:
Community Members may reserve rooms for Programs that are free and open to the public, or for organizational business meetings one time per year.

See the Library's webpage: "King Library Meeting Rooms" for additional information. Also reference the King Library Meeting Rooms Public/Business Reservation policy, the Meeting Room Request Form and procedures.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

General Public and Library Staff


Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
 KMT         2/15/05 



History & Dates

Category of Policy: Administration/ Operations
Author(s): SJSU Events & Exhibits Coordinator, Steve Groth
Authorized by: KMT
Date Written:7/11/05
Date Effective:7/11/05
Date(s) of Revision(s): 11/7/06, 2/14/13


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