Rooms: Teen Center Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The King Library Teen Center on the 3rd floor is a large glass-walled room specifically designed for the use middle school and high school students ages 12 to 18. The Teen Center Librarian, as well as General collections staff monitor the are to ensure appropriate access by this age group.

This specific area addresses needs, and provides resources specifically for these users, including PCs with Internet access, a big screen TV with DVD player, a group study corner and programs.

All activities and programs in the Center are designed soley for this age group; no other patrons or programs will be accommodated in this area.

As this space is an open area and best suited for informal use, advance reservations for separate, private meetings will not be accepted.

Need for the Policy

The King Library is committed to providing an inviting and safe space for teenage patrons to engage in individual and group activities.

The social nature and unique characteristics of this age group require a separate space designed for their needs.

The Teen Center has been established to provide an appropriate space for this particular age group.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • The Teen Center is open all King Library open hours.
  • Patrons must follow the established guidelines for use of the Teen Center.
  • Guidelines are posted in clear view at the Center.
  • Signs are posted to indicate the age group permitted in this specific area and to restrict other users from the area.
  • The Teen Center Librarian, as well as General Collections staff monitors and resolves behavior problems. (See References below for Quiet and/or Silent PL-222, Food & Drink PL-226, and Patron Conduct Policy PL-249)
  • Those who fail to conform to guidelines and comply with Library staff will be asked to leave.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

All, especially Librarians assigned to the Teen Center




Reviewed and approved by: Signature/Name Date of Approval
KMT         11/20/02      

History & Dates

Category of Policy :Administrative Sewrvices
Author(s): SJPL Youth Coordinator, Deborah Erwin
Authorized by: Core Team, 11/20/02
Date Written: 9/5/02
Date Effective: 8/1/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 9/25/03; 05/12/04dk,4/4/05


A. Quiet and/or Silent PL-222

B. Food & Drink PL-226

C. Patron Conduct Policy PL-249

D. Media Room Equipment List