Consultation Services

SCS Consultation services*:

SCS Phone Number: 408-808-2470
SCS E-mail Address:

SCS provides in-person, phone, and e-mail consultation services to SJSU students, faculty, and staff seeking assistance with the following:

  • The use of SCS  laptops and iPads, as well as use of the apps installed on them or any of the accessories we lend for them. 
  • Configuring personal laptops and iPads for use with the Library's wireless network. (NOTE: SCS staff will not modify your device but will assist you in making those changes yourself.)
  • Use of library's public computers, including making and canceling computer or study room reservations.
  • Use of the Media Labs, equipment, and facilities on the 4th floor.
  • Using the campus wireless network.
  • Activating and using your SJSUOne account (Note: SCS cannot reset your SJSUOne password; only the University Helpdesk in Clark Hall can do that; 408-924-1530).
  • SCS will document and report problems with SCS equipment, public computers, electronic resources, and wireless network access to the Library’s Information Technology Unit.

SCS Does NOT perform computer repairs, data recovery, or software sales. For additional information you can try the links below:

* SCS services are available during regular King Library operating hours AND during extended study hours (See SCS operating hours in the panel at the right).