Textbooks available as eBooks in the Library

Below is a list of textbooks for the Fall 2014 semester that are available to students for free as library ebooks. For other assigned reading that may be available in the library check the course reserves catalog by course or professor: http://catalog.sjlibrary.org/search/p and the library catalog: http://discover.sjlibrary.org/iii/encore_sjsu/

DepartmentCourse # Professor Book Title
AAS125Chua PPuro Arte: Filipinos on the Stages of Empire
AMS169Williamson DThe American Dream: A Short History of an Idea that Shaped a Nation
AMS169Williamson DLeaves of Grass
ANTH11Salazar GThe Gift of a Bride: A Tale of Anthropology, Matrimony and Murder
ANTH108Salazar GIntroducing Medical Anthropology: A Discipline in Action
ANTH115Anderson JCoffee Life in Japan
ANTH131Gonzalez RMilitarizing Culture: Essays on the Warfare State
ANTH149Darrah CDesigning and Conducting Ethnographic Research: An Introduction (2nd ed.)
ANTH155Weiss EHuman Osteology
ANTH193Gonzalez RAlone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other
ANTH230Faas AModernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization (Public Worlds, Vol. 1)
ANTH233Salazar GChicken: The Dangerous Transformation of America's Favorite Food
BUS270Webb EEnough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life
BUS2131DGiglierano JDisciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup
BUS2133AFadiman JPassport South Africa: Your Pocket Guide to South African Business, Customs & Etiquette
BUS2133AFadiman JPassport India: Your Pocket Guide to Indian Business, Customs & Etiquette
BUS2133AFadiman JPassport France: Your Pocket Guide to French Business, Customs & Etiquette
BUS2133AFadiman JUnderstanding Arabs: A Contemporary Guide to Arab Society
BUS2193Tian SAn Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R
BUS4118SJensen SData Just Right: Introduction to Large-Scale Data & Analytics
CHE160BDunn BPerry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
CMPE102Katircioglu HMicrocontrollers: From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 Family
CMPE146Ozemek HPractical Electronics for Inventors, Third Edition
CMPE220Qiu MOperating System Concepts
CMPE220Qiu MReal-Time Embedded Systems: Optimization, Synthesis, and Networking
COMM149FWood AUtopia (Dover Thrift Editions)
COMM164FHart TStrategic Organizational Communication: In a Global Economy
COMM168ABrockmann BIntroduction to Modern Climate Change
COMM179Coopman TTweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism
CS49JMerz ECore Java Volume I--Fundamentals (9th Edition) (Core Series)
CS147Gupta NDigital Design and Computer Architecture, Second Edition
CS147Gupta NComputer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface
CS147Gupta NComputer Architecture, Fifth Edition: A Quantitative Approach
CS155Smith JIntroduction to Algorithms, 3rd Ed.
CS175Pollett CBeginning iOS 7 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK
CS175Pollett CIntroduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials (4th Ed.)
CS218Li KCloud Computing: Theory and Practice
CS218Li KCloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture
CS255Moh TThe Design of Approximation Algorithms
CS258Jia FSDN: Software Defined Networks
ECON166Pogodzinski JLectures on Urban Economics
EDEL108DSwanson PAbout Teaching Mathematics, 3rd Edition, Grades K-8: A K-8 Resource
EDTE243Hanna WClassroom Management That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Every Teacher
EE221He LSemiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology
ENED353Holmberg CThe Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units
ENGL22Eastwood AFlatland
ENGL123CMesher DMy Brilliant Career
ENGL125Cox BMetamorphoses
ENGL131Soldofsky AIn the Buddha Factory (New Odyssey Series)
ENGL140AStork NIntroduction to Old English
ENGL163English KRoughing It (Mark Twain Library)
ENGL163English KThe Wife of His Youth and Other Stories (Ann Arbor Paperbacks)
ENGL168Cullen RThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
ENGL181Taylor NLaughter An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)
ENVS110Russell WThe Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies
ENVS150Russell WThe Silicon Valley of Dreams: Environmental Injustice, Immigrant Workers, and the High-Tech Global Economy
ENVS250Russell WForcing the Spring: The Transformation of the American Environmental Movement
FREN102BDesalvo JThe Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge
FREN140AVanhooff DLe Docteur Pascal (French Edition)
FREN140AVanhooff DTrois Contes
GEOG145Richardson KTranscultural Cities: Border-Crossing and Placemaking
GLST162Davis MHuman Rights in Our Own Backyard: Injustice and Resistance in the United States
GLST162Davis MDisposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy
HIST126Roth JA History of Medieval Islam
HIST132Roth JCreating Judaism: History, Tradition, Practice
HIST132Roth JUnder Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages
HIST146Vasquez GThe Strange Death of Liberal England
HIST170McBane MManliness and Civilization A Cultural History of Gender and Race in the United States, 1880-1917
HIST181Hilde LBoarding School Seasons: American Indian Families, 1900-1940
HIST189AGendzel GThis Land Was Mexican Once: Histories of Resistance from Northern California
HIST200Katsev AThe Cult of the Nation in France: Inventing Nationalism, 1680-1800
HIST200Katsev AA State of Nations: Empire and Nation-Making in the Age of Lenin and Stalin
HIST200Katsev AImagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, Rev. Ed.
HIST210CGendzel GAmerica's Uncivil Wars: The Sixties Era from Elvis to the Fall of Richard Nixon
HIST210CGendzel GCivic Passions: Seven Who Launched Progressive America (and What They Teach Us)
HIST288Hill PThe Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement
HS200STAFFPrevention Is Primary: Strategies for Community Well Being
HS276Williamson JThe Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century
HSPM152Thompson THospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases
HUM1ARostankowski CThe history of the Peloponnesian War
HUM2ALindahl JFaust
HUM2ALindahl JGulliver's Travels
HUM100WGeorges JThe Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: An Easy-to-Use Guide…
HUM101Jochim CReligion in China: Survival and Revival under Communist Rule
HUM190Perreira THow the Arabian Nights Inspired the American Dream, 1790-1935
HUM190Verducci -Sandford SWhat the Best College Students Do
HUM190Verducci -Sandford SUnequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life
JS129Perry NInternational Crime and Justice
JS100WKameda DThe New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
JS171Kinney EHuman Rights in Our Own Backyard : Injustice and Resistance in the United States
JS189Herrera VCriminal Justice Policy and Planning
LIBR202Kemp JAmbient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become
LIBR204Gaffney SStrategic Planning and Management for Library Managers
LIBR204SAWYERWhat Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition,…
LIBR210Luo LReference and Information Services: An Introduction, Third Edition
LIBR220Bodart JGeneral Systems Theory: Problems, Perspectives, Practice
LIBR231Megaridis CElectronic Resource Management in Libraries: Research and Practice
LIBR231Megaridis CBest Practices for Corporate Libraries
LIBR231Megaridis CVisible Librarian: Asserting Your Value with Marketing and Advocacy
LIBR233HARLANEmpowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs
LIBR240Dean RCSS3: The Missing Manual
LIBR243GAFFNEYThe Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion, Fourth Edition
LIBR243GAFFNEYThe Accidental Systems Librarian, Second Edition
LIBR244Bedord JThe Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Searcher
LIBR244Bedord JLibrarian's Guide to Online Searching, 3rd Edition
LIBR244ZIEMERThe Googlization of Everything: (And Why We Should Worry)
LIBR246CHENBig Data Analytics: Disruptive Technologies for Changing the Game
LIBR246SANCHEZSocial Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication, and Community Online
LIBR248Goetting DLearn Descriptive Cataloging - Second North American Edition
LIBR251MARETDon't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition)
LIBR251Kemp JDesigning interfaces
LIBR251Kemp JSketching User Experiences: The Workbook
LIBR260APeck PFrom Boardbook to Facebook: Children's Services in an Interactive Age
LIBR260AWRENN-ESTESOutstanding Library Service To Children
LIBR264Peck PReaders' Advisory for Children and 'Tweens
LIBR265WRENN-ESTESYoung Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism
LIBR266Bodart JCollection Management Basics (Library and Information Science Text Series)
LIBR266Bodart JFundamentals of Collection Development and Management, 2/e
LIBR267Bodart JRadical Reads 2: Working with the Newest Edgy Titles for Teens
LIBR267Bodart JThey Suck, They Bite, They Eat, They Kill: The Psychological Meaning of Supernatural Monsters in Young Adult Fiction
LIBR281HAGARCrisis Information Management: Communication and Technologies
LIBR281DRISCOLLCopyright and Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for Digitization for U.S. Libraries, Archives, and Museums
LIBR281DRISCOLLCopyright Law for Librarians and Educators
LIBR282HORODYSKIDigital Asset Management
LIBR282BAREFOOTFinding Your True North: A Personal Guide
LIBR282Valdez LHow Libraries and Librarians Help: A Guide to Identifying User-Centered Outcomes
LIBR284MACKAYCurating Oral Histories: From Interview to Archive
LIBR284MACKAYDoing Oral History
LIBR285JeffersonBasic Research Methods for Librarians
LIBR285STENSTROMThe Craft of Research, 3rd. Ed.
LIBR285DICKEYMain Street Public Library: Community Places and Reading Spaces in the Rural Heartland, 1876-1956
LIBR287COLLIERjQuery Mobile: Up and Running
LING122Khan SEnglish as a Global Language
LING129Henze RHow Myths about Language Affect Education: What Every Teacher Should Know
LING166Ohala MWhat Is Sociolinguistics?
LLD250WFrazier SSecond Language Research: Methodology and Design (Second Language Acquisition Research)
LLD270Phillabaum SAlternative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition
MARA284KALTENBACHERInformation Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices
MAS10AMora-Torres GCalifornio Voices: The Oral Memoirs of Jose Maria Amador and Lorenzo Asisara
MAS10ACovarrubias JRecovering History, Constructing Race: The Indian, Black, and White Roots of Mexican Americans
MAS10AMora-Torres GThe Spanish Frontier in North America: The Brief Edition
MAS30Curry-Rodriguez JThe White Racial Frame: Centuries of Racial Framing and Counter-Framing
MAS130STAFFSteel Barrio: The Great Mexican Migration to South Chicago, 1915-1940
MAS160Curry-Rodriguez JSong of the Hummingbird
MAS205Mora-Torres GBecoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945
MAS205Mora-Torres GMexicanos, Second Edition: A History of Mexicans in the United States
MAS230STAFFBehind the Kitchen Door
MAS230STAFFThe Chicken Trail: Following Workers, Migrants, and Corporations across the Americas
MATH10Crunk SThe Mathematics of Games And Gambling, 2nd Ed.
MATH42Hsu TDiscrete Mathematics with Ducks
MATH229So WMatrix Analysis
MCOM101Tillinghast DDigital Media Law
ME170Mokri JSolar Engineering of Thermal Processes
NURS204Mao CHealth Promotion in Practice
NURS212STAFFCurriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing, 2nd Ed.
OCTH213STAFFThe Intentional Relationship: Occupational Therapy and Use of Self
OCTH266Glogoski CFunctional Performance in Older Adults
PHIL10Leddy TBut Is It Art?: An Introduction to Art Theory
PHIL10Leddy TFive Dialogues : Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo
PHIL104Mou BChinese Philosophy A-Z
PHIL111Giddings JThe Hippocratic Oath and the Ethics of Medicine
POLS3Benson SBlack Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition
POLS3Benson SMethodology of the Oppressed
POLS20Benson SStranger Intimacy: Contesting Race, Sexuality and the Law in the North American West
POLS20Benson SThe Last Gasp: The Rise and Fall of the American Gas Chamber
POLS20Benson STorture and Democracy
POLS102Gerston LAmerican Federalism: A Concise Introduction
POLS160APeter KThe Trial and Death of Socrates
POLS160APeter KMengzi: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries
PSYC190Klaw ECourage After Fire: Coping Strategies for Troops Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and Their Families
PSYC191Arias RMicroaggressions in Everyday Life Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
PSYC258Gregg JHandbook of Psychotherapy Case Formulation, Second Edition
RELS155Gilmore LWitching Culture: Folklore and Neo-Paganism in America
SOCI151de Bourbon SThe Social Dynamics of Family Violence
SOCI166Boero NKiller Fat Media, Medicine, and Morals in the American Obesity Epidemic
SOCI166Boero NThe Medicalization of Society: On the Transformation of Human Conditions into Treatable Disorders
SOCI170Dehaan TReshaping the Work-Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter
SOCI172Murray STransgender History
SOCS139Wilson MTeaching History with Museums: Strategies for K-12 Social Studies
SSED378Narveson JProductive Group Work: How to Engage Students, Build Teamwork, and Promote Understanding