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Kingbot, The Library's After-Hours AI Chatbot

About Kingbot

Kingbot is an artificial intelligence after-hours chatbot created for SJSU's King Library.

During business hours, students are able to contact librarians through live chat services. But once reference hours are over, how can SJSU students get their questions answered? That's where Kingbot steps in.

Kingbot expands King Library's reference services, being available to answer directional and technical questions, as well as provide general reference information. Need to know how to borrow a laptop? Looking for pointers on finding research? Kingbot can have a response in seconds.

Want to give Kingbot a try? Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page to get started!

How Does Kingbot Work

Kingbot was created using Dialogflow and Kommunicate.

Dialogflow is a natural language program developed by Google. It allows you to design a chatbot while requiring no prior coding skills. We use Dialogflow as the conversational AI behind Kingbot!

Kommunicate is the third-party program we use to display Kingbot on the SpringShare chat widget on the library website. Any user interface element that you encounter when talking to Kingbot is thanks to Kommunicate!

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Check out these additional resources on Kingbot!

Have questions about Kingbot? Email Sharesly Rodriguez,


Available on the library website after live chat reference hours: 7pm - 9am on weekdays, 5pm - 1pm on weekends

  • 1801 Total User Interactions (10/2020 - 8/2022)
  • 124 Topics of Conversations
  • Most Popular Topics of Conversations
    • Building and Live Reference Hours
    • Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles
    • Borrowing Devices and Laptops
    • Research Assistance and Contact a Librarian