Autograph signature on endorsement about a bow

Autograph signature written in pencil on the verso of a statement written in pencil by attorney Dr. Johann Baptist von Bach; English translation: "You can keep the bwo for the coming half year. Otherwise, one might raise some objections. From 1st October 1818 until 1st April 1819." 1 page, 4.5 x 7 in., with notation below Beethoven's signature in ink: "Autograph of Beethoven. Presented as a sourvenir to Mrs. Elizabeth Schmetzer by A. Schindler, Frankfurt a. M., in March 1855." Framed with a portrait of Beethoven.

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Autograph note
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Anton Schindler; Elizabeth Schmetzer
gift of Anton Schindler to Elizabeth Schmetzer in March 1855
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R & R Enterprises Autograph Auctions
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Beethoven Journal v. 30, no. 2 (Winter 2015), p. 82

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