String quartets, op. 18. no. 1-3

Six Quatuors, Opus 18. nos. 1-3, Paris: Pleyel, no date In lot containing early editions of op. 37 (Haslinger), op. 58 (Haslinger, piano part only), op 69 (B&H), op. 47 (T. Haslinger); op. 16 (Broderin & Wilkinson), op. 18/1-3 (Pleyel), with 17 Beethoven editions by Richault, Dunst, Pleyel and other and 24 items from the complete edition of Holle.
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Early edition
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Opus 18, no. 1-3
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Sotheby's (London)
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BJ auction index 1985-1995 (Collections 14) not listed in BN
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