Cultural Heritage Center

The Cultural Heritage Center is made up of three collections located on the fifth floor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. These collections — Africana, Asian American and Chicano — support academic programs at SJSU, and each collection is supported by its respective Resource Center Advisory Committee.

The intent of the three collections is to accomplish the following:

  • To create a nurturing academic support center for students.
  • To encourage the development of information literacy skills to help students become lifelong learners who can access, evaluate, and effectively use all library resources.
  • To foster in students a deeper understanding of and pride in their respective cultures and an appreciation and understanding of other cultures.
  • To give all SJSU students a greater appreciation and understanding of the history and culture of the Africana, Asian American and Chicano communities.
  • To provide a collection of comparative multicultural resources to facilitate research between cultures.
  • To work collaboratively with their respective communities in San José to create programming and fundraising opportunities.


New Books

Textiles and clothing of Việt Nam : a history / Michael C. Howard.
Textiles and clothing of Việt Nam : a history / Michael C. Howard.
"Viêṭ Nam is home to more than 50 ethnic minorities many of which have distinctive clothing and weaving traditions linked to antiquity. This book covers textiles in Viêṭ Nam--including bark-cloth...