Student Computing Services Center

Loaner Equipment Services:

SJSU Student Computing Services (SCS) provides Apple MacBook Pro, Windows Laptop, and iPad loaners (as well as accessories) to SJSU students, faculty and staff, at no charge, for either 4 hours at a time, or 1 week (see Borrowing Terms & Conditions for details).

- Click here to see The List of loaner equipment available, and software installed on those devices for details.

To extend your 4 hour loan period (weekly loans cannot be renewed):

  1. Visit SCS on the 4th floor, at the top of the escalator.
  2. Call SCS at 1-408-808-2470.

(NOTE: Loans CANNOT be extended through e-mail requests).

Please! Save your work often!

If you are using a loaner laptop or Macbook Pro, you should save your work frequently (to a USB device or in the cloud). If you are using an iPad, save your work in the cloud (e.g., Google Docs, DropBox, etc. - you should also verify it is actually being saved). Upon restarting your borrowed laptop or Mac, any files or programs you deposited on the machine will be deleted as the system restores itself to it's default condition.

ATTENTION BORROWERS: SCS DOES NOT Hold or Reserve any of its equipment! All SCS equipment loans are first-come-first-served. If you call ahead to see if there are any iPads or laptops available, we can tell you what is currently on the shelf, but we CANNOT HOLD OR RESERVE any equipment for you.

SCS Consultation services*:

SCS Phone #1-408-808-2470
SCS e-mail address:

SCS provides in-person, phone, and e-mail consultation services to SJSU students, faculty and staff seeking assistance with the following:

  • The use of SCS Windows laptops, MacBook Pros and iPads, as well as use of the apps installed on them or any of the accessories we loan for them. (NOTE: Extensive tutoring will not be provided. When in depth training is required, the user will be instructed to visit the Student Technology Trainer in the library - next door to SCS - or read the App’s Help instructions and User Guides.)
  • Troubleshooting remote access to the Library's electronic resources (for example, accessing the libraries many research databases from outside the library).
  • Configuring personal laptops and iPads for use with the Library's wireless network. (NOTE: SCS staff will not modify your personal laptop or mobile device (e.g. iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android computing devices, etc. – we are not a repair center, but we will assist you in making those changes yourself.)
  • Use of library public desktop computer stations -- including making and canceling a library computer or study room reservation through the library's Reserve-a-Computer system.
  • Use of the Media Labs, equipment and facilities on the 4th floor.
  • Resetting your Library PIN (NOT your SJSUOne account password).
  • Using the campus wireless network.
  • Activating and using your SJSUOne account (Note: SCS cannot reset your SJSUOne password, only the University Helpdesk can do that. If you come to SCS because you forgot your password AND the answers to your personal questions, you will be referred to the University Helpdesk in Clark Hall for the assistance you need. 408-924-1530)
  • Problem reports: SCS will document and relay reports of problems with SCS equipment, Library public computers, electronic resources and wireless network access, to the Library’s Information Technology Unit.

SCS Does NOT perform...
Computer repairs, data recovery or software sales. Such issues will be referred to appropriate University service centers and/or associated vendors.  For additional information you can try the links below:

* SCS services are available during regular King Library operating hours AND during extended study hours. (See SCS operating hours in the panel at the right).  NOTE: Equipment will NOT be loaned 30 minutes prior to SCS closing, to facilitate all devices being returned before the center actually closes it's doors.