Lending Policies

Equipment is available for loan during regular King Library operating hours (as well as during extended study hours), and may be checked out for either 4 hours at a time or 7 days at a time. The equipment must be returned before SCS closes for the day.  Equipment loans are subject to availability and are contingent on the borrower's acceptance of terms and conditions, including the following:

The borrower accepts complete financial responsibility for the laptop and any accessories borrowed. The borrower will reimburse San José State University for the repair or replacement costs for the iPad, laptop and/or accessories if they are lost, stolen, or damaged while checked out in the borrower's name.

Note: You have full administrative control of the device while it is in your possession, and may install any app you need or desire; HOWEVER you should not install applications that require a restart to take effect because ALL DATA, APPLICATIONS, LINKS, ETC. WILL BE DELETED WHEN THE DEVICE IS SHUT DOWN OR RESTARTED! SAVE YOUR WORK BEFORE SHUTTING DOWN!

Do not shut the machine down if you have installed an application that works without a restart; leave it on and plugged into an electrical outlet overnight, especially if you need the application and all its data the following day.

NOTE: iPads are the only exception to this rule. Everything you install or download to an iPad stays on the iPad until you return it to SCS, at which time it will be wiped clean of all data and restored to its default SCS configuration. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR APPLE iCLOUD ACCOUNT AND PASSCODE BEFORE RETURNING THE iPAD. The iPad will not be checked in until iPad can be successfully re-imaged. 

NOTE: Installing purchased iTunes music on SCS devices will use up one of your 10 “associated devices” that Apple allows you to install apps and music on. If you use up all of your associated device allocations you cannot switch to another device for 90 days. Refer to Apple's “Terms and Conditions” (http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/au/terms.html) for more details.

NOTE: You are responsible for the device you borrow. As such, you are accountable for whatever happens to the device while it is checked out to you, even if someone else damages it.  You may not replace the operating system or modify the machine in any way.  That includes opening the case and removing or unplugging components. You will be expected to pay for any repairsmaintenance or cleaning that results from your negligence of this responsibility.

4-Hour iPad, MacBook Pro & Windows Laptop loans:

The device may leave the library but must be returned on time.

Devices checked out less than 4 hours from closing time will be due 30 minutes before SCS closes.

Four-hour loans may be renewed as many times as desired within a calendar day, i.e., 4-hour loans made on Monday cannot be extended to Tuesday; the device must be returned 30 minutes before SCS closes for the day. 

Late fees for 4-hour devices are $10 per hour or any fraction thereof. Overdue fines will accrue until the device is returned.

7-Day iPad, MacBook Pro & Windows Laptop loans:

It is expected that these devices will leave the library, but they must be returned on time.

Devices must be returned back at the library 30 minutes before SCS on the day the device is due. 

One-week loans may not be renewed. If you wish to check out another one-week device you must bring the device back to SCS and wait two hours before checking out another device. You may not check out a device, your friend has just returned. Devices may be subjected to an inspection upon return and may take 30 minutes before it will be available again. You may call to see if a device is available, but we will NOT hold devices for you; you will need to come to SCS immediately after calling if there is a device available.  

Overdue fees for 7-day loans are $25 per day or any fraction thereof. Fines will accrue until the device is returned. 

Fines for MacBook Pros, Windows Laptops, iPad and Misc. Accessories:

  • $10 per hour or fraction thereof for late returns of any 4-hour device. 
  • $1 per hour or fraction thereof for late returns of any 4-hour accessory. 
  • $25 per day or fraction thereof for late returns of any 7-day equipment.
  • $1600 is the maximum fine per Windows laptop or MacBook Pro.
  • $1000 is the maximum fine per iPad.
  • Maximum Replacement fee for a Windows laptop or MacBook Pro is $1600.
  • Maximum Replacement fee for a lost iPad is $1000.
  • The default replacement fee for a damaged device is $250. This fee will be adjusted to our total cost including staff time. 
  • All Apple and Android VGA-display adapters $35
  • White-Board (w/ Screen Capture) USB cable  $20
  • All Scientific Calculators $30
  • All Graphing Calculators $140
  • All Financial Calculators $40
  • A Standard Calculators $10

Maximum Replacement fees for laptop accessories are as follows:

  • battery, laptop $120
  • headphones, $25
  • mouse $20
  • power adapter, Laptop $40
  • power adapter, Macbook Pro $80

Replacement fees for iPad accessories are as follows:

  • power adapter, iPad $40
  • USB cable for iPad or iPad Power Adapter $20
  • Smart Cover, iPad $45
  • Bluetooth wireless Keyboard, iPad  $75
  • Soft Carry Case, iPad  $35

All damages will be charged on the basis of repair or replacement costs and may result in the loss of SCS borrowing privileges. Charges will be applied to the borrower's library account and must be settled as soon as possible; excessive fees may be turned over to a collection agency for settlement. Excessive fees left unsettled may impact a student's graduation or diploma status with SJSU. SCS borrowing privileges will be suspended until those fines are paid.  Payment of fines does not guarantee that an individual’s borrowing privileges will be restored. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from borrowing. 

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you NOT leave a MacBook Pro, Windows laptop or iPad unattended for any length of time. If you must leave the area, no matter how briefly, take the device with you.  You are responsible even if someone else steals the device when you leave it unattended.  (NOTE: This applies to any and all SCS loaned equipment, including accessories.)

In an emergency, if you are instructed to leave the building, take the device with you and return it later.

Saving your work regularly is your responsibility (Windows Laptops & MacBook Pros use USB devices or the cloud; iPads use the cloud).

Please remove iCloud account and passcode before returning iPad to SCS. iPad will not be checked in until device can be wiped and re-imaged.

Although SCS will make every effort to maintain properly functioning equipment, SCS accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged electronic information or personal storage media.

The borrower agrees to comply with all applicable SJSU and King Library policies regarding acceptable computer use, keeping the MacBook Pro, Windows laptop or iPad attended at all times, and refraining from consuming food and drink while using the laptop or iPad. Please refer to the Library's "Policies and Procedures" website for details.