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Autograph copy of other composers' music Sotheby's (New York) 05/22/1985 Ms. copy of selections from Mozart’s Don Giovanni Mozart. Don Giovanni Ac1
Autograph copy of other composers' music Sotheby's (London) 12/06/1996 Handel's “And with his stripes” Ac2
Autograph copy of other composers' music Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1993 Ms. copy of Mozart’s Fugue in C minor K. 426 Mozart. Fugue in C minor K. 426 Ac3
Autograph copy of other composers' music Stargardt 03/17/1995 Ms. copy of a Romanze by Tedesco Jean Martini il Tedesco. Anette et Lubin Ac4
Autograph copy of other composers' music Sotheby's (London) 05/25/2001 Transcription by Beethoven of Mozart’s K. 608 Mozart. Fantasia in F minor, K. 608 Ac5
Autograph facsimile Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1999 Edition of Beethoven’s ms. for the Ninth Symphony Opus 125 Af1
Autograph ms. Sotheby's 11/27/1986 Manuscript in the hand of Charles Lecocq Opus 59; Opus 74; Opus 95; Opus 127; Opus 130; Opus 131; Opus 132 Am1
Autograph ms. Stargardt 03/17/1995 Autograph ms. of Scottish Songs, op. 108, no. 6-7 Opus 108, no. 6-7 Am10
Autograph ms. Stargardt 11/26/1997 Autograph of Gesang der Mönche, WoO 104 WoO 104 Am11
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/08/1999 Autograph ms. for an Allegretto for string quartet Allegretto for string quartet Am12
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 05/26/2000 Autograph ms. for the Piano Concerto, Opus 73 Opus 73 Am13
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/05/2003 Autograph ms. for the String Quartet, Opus 127 Opus 127 Am14
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/07/2004 Autograph manuscript of Ruf vom Berge, WoO 147 WoO 147 Am15
Autograph ms. Christie's (London) 11/30/2005 Autograph ms. of British and Irish folk songs Opus 108, no. 24; WoO 153; WoO 155; WoO 158 Am16
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/01/2005 Autograph manuscript for the Grosse Fuge, Opus 134 Opus 134 Am17
Autograph ms. Skinner (Boston) 11/18/2007 Autograph ms. from Leonore Prohaska, WoO 96 Am18
Autograph ms. Piasa 11/20/2008 "Ich bitt dich," WoO 172 WoO 172 Am19
Autograph ms. Stargardt 04/09/1987 Music manuscript for a cadenza to Violin Concerto Opus 61 Am2
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/01/2010 Autograph manuscript of Opferlied, Opus 121b Opus 121b Am20
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 11/29/2016 Manuscript of the Allegretto in B Minor for String Quartet WoO 210 Am21
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 10/26/2017 Autograph manuscript of the Canon "Ewig dein," WoO 161 WoO 161 Am22
Autograph ms. Stargardt 03/10/1988 Album of Ferdinand Piringer with ms. of WoO 61 WoO 61 Am3
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 05/05/1988 Corrected ms. for the Ninth Symphony, op. 125 Opus 125 Am4
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 05/17/1990 Autograph ms. of Violoncello Sonata, op. 69/i Opus 69 Am5
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/06/1991 Autograph manuscript of canons WoO 187; WoO 180 Am6
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/06/1991 Autograph manuscript of the Piano sonata op. 90 Opus 90 Am7
Autograph ms. Stargardt (Berlin) 03/12/1993 Ms. fragment for the Rondo in C, op. 51, no. 1 Opus 51, no. 1 Am8
Autograph ms. Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1993 Autograph ms. of the Flohlied, op. 75, no. 3 Opus 75, no. 3 Am9
Autograph note Stargardt 04/09/1987 Notes in the hand of Clara Schumann An1
Autograph note Christie's (London) 11/29/1995 Autograph address leaf inscribed to “Rovantini" An10
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 12/09/1999 Autograph note to Count Nikolaus Zmeskall An11
Autograph note San Rafael Auction Gallery 10/03/2009 Beethoven signature with wax seal An12
Autograph note Venator & Hanstein 03/25/2011 Autograph note from ca. 1817 mentioning a metronome An13
Autograph note Stargardt (Berlin) 03/25/2014 to 03/26/2014 Autograph note to Maurice Schlesinger An14
Autograph note R & R Enterprises Autograph Auctions 12/09/2015 Autograph signature on endorsement about a bow An15
Autograph note Profiles in History 04/18/2016 Autograph letter signed about nephew Karl, from after 1816 An16
Autograph note Stargardt (Berlin) 04/05/2016 to 04/06/2016 Autograph note from March or April 1826 An17
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1987 Autograph note unsigned to Franz von Brunsvik An2
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 05/21/1987 Letter fragment signed by Beethoven An3
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 11/26/1987 Autograph note to Franz von Brunsvik An4
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 05/17/1990 Fidelio, Opus 72 Opus 72 An5
Autograph note Erasmushaus/Stargardt 09/19/1992 Autograph note about fish An6
Autograph note Erasmushaus/Stargardt 09/19/1992 Autograph note with signature of R. Kreutzer An7
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 05/28/1993 Fidelio Opus 72 An8
Autograph note Sotheby's (London) 12/01/1993 Autograph note written in pencil An9
Art object Sotheby's (London) 05/09/1985 Portraits of Brentano family Ao1
Art object Pescheteau-Badin, Godeau et Leroy 07/02/1998 Portrait of Beethoven by an anonymous artist Ao10
Art object Sotheby's (London) 12/04/1998 Engravings of Beethoven and his circle Ao11
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/12/2006 Model for a monument to Beethoven by T. Rivière Ao12
Art object Sotheby's (London) 06/12/2006 Bust of Beethoven by Alfredo Pina Ao13