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Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 Autograph draft of a letter to Johann Baptist Bach Lf83
Corrected copy Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 Copyist's manuscript for the String Quartet, Opus 127 Opus 127 Cc14
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 An die ferne Geliebte, Opus 98 Opus 98 Ee283
Documents Sotheby's (London) 06/09/2010 Printed playbill for Fidelio Opus 72 Do8
Art object Sotheby's (London) 03/30/2010 Beethoven by Andy Warhol Ao21
Letter from Beethoven Kotte Autographs 01/01/2010 Autograph letter signed from Beethoven to Tobias Haslinger Lf87
Letter from Beethoven Profiles in History 12/18/2009 to 01/01/2013 Autograph letter from Beethoven to Mayer Lf84
Art object Christie's (New York) 12/17/2009 Group of nine French and American framed portrait miniatures, including Beethoven Ao16
Art object Christie's (Paris) 12/16/2009 Head of Beethoven by Pina Ao20
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Fidelio Opus 72 FE346
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Seventh Symphony, Opus 92 Opus 92 Ee280
Letter from Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Autograph letter to Karl Holz, August 24, 1825 Lf81
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 String Quartet, Opus 127 Opus 127 Fe347
Copyists' ms. Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Benjamin Britten's autograph ms. of his transcription for piano trio of Beethoven's "Rondo a capriccio" Opus 129 Cm17
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Piano Sonatas op. 31, no. 1-2 Opus 31, no. 1-2 Fe345
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/09/2009 Egmont Overture Opus 84 Fe348
Sketchleaf Sotheby's (London) 12/08/2009 Autograph sketchleaf for the Elegischer Gesang, op. 118 Opus 118 Sk37
Letter about Beethoven Stargardt (Berlin) 11/27/2009 Autograph letter signed from Arthur Nikisch to Gustave Charpentier La60
Letter from Beethoven Stargardt and Moirandat (Basel) 11/27/2009 Autograph letter to Johann Baptist Bach, March 6, 1823 Lf82
Art object Christie's (London) 11/08/2009 Beethoven, after Lionello Balestrieri Ao17
Art object Christie's (London) 11/08/2009 French bronze portrait bust of Beethoven Ao18
Art object Christie's (Paris) 10/22/2009 Dermophologie Beethoven, bronze by Erro Ao19
Autograph note San Rafael Auction Gallery 10/03/2009 Beethoven signature with wax seal An12
Receipt Stargardt (Berlin) 06/23/2009 Receipt signed by Beethoven's nephew Re21
Sketchleaf Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Autograph sketchleaf for Octet and Piano Trio Opus 103; Opus 1, no. 3 Sk36
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Ah! perfido, sperguiro, Opus 65 Opus 65 Fe339
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 An die ferne Geliebte Opus 98 Ee276
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 "Harp" Quartet, opus 74 Opus 74 Fe343
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Variations for piano, WoO 69 WoO 69 Ee279
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Letter about Beethoven written by Debussy La59
First edition proof Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Earliest primary source for Opus 2 Opus 2 Fp1
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Piano Sonata in F, Opus 54 Opus 54 Fe340
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Fantasie for piano, Opus 77 Opus 77 Fe342
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 An die Hoffnung, op. 32 Opus 32 Fe344
Letter about Beethoven Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 ALS, Debussy to Louys Opus 131 La59
Contrapuntal studies Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Autograph ms. of a contrapuntal study Cs7
First edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Vier Arietten und ein Duett, Opus 82 Opus 82 Fe341
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Hammerklavier Sonata Opus 106 Ee277
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Sechs Lieder von Gellert, op. 48 Opus 48 Ee278
Copyists' ms. Sotheby's (London) 06/10/2009 Manuscript album containing parts for Fidelio Opus 72 Cm16
Rare book Ketterer Kunst 05/18/2009 Book manuscript by Ignaz von Seyfried Rb5
Receipt Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Receipt signed by Beethoven Re20
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Andenken von Matthison, WoO 136 WoO 136 Fe325
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Quatuor, Oeuv. 132 Opus 127 Fe327
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Sinfonie mit Schluss-Chör Opus 125 Fe323
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Gesänge und Zwischenacte zu Egmont Opus 84 Fe326
First edition Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Adagio, Variationen, und Rondo, op. 121 Opus 121 Fe324
Contrapuntal studies Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Autograph counterpoint study manuscript Cs6
Early edition Sotheby's (London) 12/03/2008 Grand Quatuor en Partition, op. 127 Ee272
Autograph ms. Piasa 11/20/2008 "Ich bitt dich," WoO 172 WoO 172 Am19