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Teaching and ChatGPT

Resources to help SJSU Faculty and Teaching Assistants learn how to address ChatGPT in their classrooms and assignments.
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Generative AI & ChatGPT: Resources for Instructors

Resources related to the advent of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ChatGPT and its implications for university instruction.
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"San José State University is Silicon Valley’s public university, located at the academic and geographic center of a technological revolution."

SJSU AI Vision Statement

Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson, President

AI News @ SJSU

SJSU's academic programs create new pathways to careers in AI, while our faculty lead the way to understanding the social and ethical implications of new technologies.



Study AI @ SJSU

SJSU has more than 65 courses that directly address AI and machine learning, with more added every year. And it's not only engineering and computer science students who are learning about AI — there are relevant courses in more than 15 programs including Biology, Business, and Psychology.



AI-generated image of a fourier transform to represent signal processing

Digital Design for AI and DSP

Digital design and implementation of high-performance Machine Learning systems. Deep neural network design examples of machine learning include applications to object recognition for autonomous vehicles and speech recognition.

EE 278

AI-generated image of tree with industrial elements

Bioinformatics II

Advanced Bioinformatics algorithms, tools, databases. Biological background; protein structure/function; sequencing technology; sequence identification; transcriptomics; metagenomics; CRISPR. Applying advanced approaches to real-world problems.


AI-generated image of cheerful fiber optic cables

Artificial Intelligence & Data Engineering

Introduction to important concepts and techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence, evolution of AI systems, intelligent agents, problem solving by searching, machine learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, and knowledge representation.

CMPE 252

AI-generated image of a young woman doing design work with post-its

Digital Innovation

Leverages multidisciplinary knowledge — design thinking, cutting-edge information technologies, social innovation — to address important social problems. Hands-on experience with emerging technologies, such as AI and IoT.

BUS4 118I

deep learning

Deep Learning

Deep neural networks and their applications to various problems, e.g., speech recognition, image segmentation, and natural language processing.

CMPE 258

AI-generated image of an astronaut riding a mountain bike towards a fairy tale castle

Storytelling in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Explores the far-reaching implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Cognitive Computing (CC) on non-fiction and fiction storytelling and how numerous applications, tools and techniques are used to affect various aspects of digital storytelling.


AI-generated image of people walking down a busy street, suggestive of surveillance technology

Data Ethics

Data ethics implications of decisions made while conducting and implementing data analysis, ML and AI. Students will learn to identify bias and fairness in a dataset and techniques for reducing the harm.

ISE 205

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Introduction to important concepts and techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence, evolution of AI systems, intelligent agents, problem solving by searching, machine learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, and knowledge representation.

CMPE 249

Degree Programs

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Computer Engineering
Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Data Analytics

College of Professional and Global Engagement

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Engineering Extended Studies
Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

AI Research @ SJSU

SJSU faculty and students produce AI research that pushes their fields forward, and King Library's SJSU ScholarWorks helps make sure that research is shared with readers around globe. SJSU's Office of Research has identified emerging technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, as an area of research strength at SJSU. 

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