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NEH Challenge Grant: A Digital Humanities Center

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SJSU's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and the College of Humanities and the Arts are in the second year of our National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant. Generous support from our friends and donors helped us to meet and exceed our first year goal of $75,000, which NEH matched dollar for dollar.  Year two of our five-year Challenge Grant brings us one year closer to establishing a Digital Humanities Center.

Along the way, many of you asked, “What is digital humanities?” We hope the DHC will be a space to help you explore and answer this question. We have provided here a "working" definition as well as a range of faculty projects that showcase the vast research occurring in digital humanities. 

In our second year, we are starting programming (see the Digital Humanities Research Institute Kick-off), exploring potential corporate and community partners, and continuing to work with our friends and donors to build support for the DHC and meet our second-year goal of $100,000.  

Progress on our second-year goal, along with updates on the DHC are shared throughout the year. As the DHC progresses, it will be added to the growing list of resources SJSU offers in digital humanities

We hope you will continue this incredible journey with us to bring a Digital Humanities Center to SJSU!



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