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Library's Hours:
Tue 06/28 8am - 8pm

SJSU Library Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Ann Agee Ann Agee Faculty Director of Collections and Scholarly 808-2033
Michael Aguilar Michael Aguilar Outreach and User Engagement 808-2083
Suzie Bahmanyar Suzie Bahmanyar Academic Liaison 808-2654
Christa Bailey Christa Bailey Academic Liaison 808-2422
Jamie Balderrama-Ratliff Jamie Balderrama-Ratliff Interlibrary Services 808-2079
Geetali Basu Geetali Basu Academic Liaison 808-2651
Bernd Becker Bernd Becker Faculty Director of Reference and Research 808-2348
Kathryn Blackmer Reyes Kathryn Blackmer Reyes Faculty Director of Academic & Community Engagement & Africana, Asian American, Chicano, & Native American Studies Center (AAACNA) 808-2097
Peggy Cabrera Peggy Cabrera Academic Liaison 808-2034
Jessie Cai Jessie Cai Discovery and Web Development
Andrew Chae Andrew Chae iSchool 808-2016
Emily Chan Emily Chan Associate Dean, Research & 808-2044
Melissa Chu Melissa Chu Assistant to Library Associate 808-2445
Michael Condon Michael Condon User Experience 808-2116
Carole Correa-Morris Carole Correa-Morris Director of Data & Resource 808-2372
Lauren DeCelle Lauren DeCelle Senior Assistant 808-2621
Wei Ding Wei Ding Technical Services 808-2110
Jane Dodge Jane Dodge Academic Liaison 808-2321
Wendy Dunn Wendy Dunn Director of Operations and Administrative 808-2383
Laurel Eby Laurel Eby Web Services 808-2014
Anne Marie Engelsen Anne Marie Engelsen Sr. Assistant 808-2007
Jeff Frank Jeff Frank USP 808-2326
Edith Gallegos Edith Gallegos Acquisitions 808-2455
Silke Higgins Silke Higgins Academic Liaison 808-2118
Christine Holmes Christine Holmes Electronic Resources 808-2027
Lixia Hou Lixia Hou Library Financial 808-2126
Alexis Huerta Alexis Huerta Help Desk 808-2620
Micah Jeffries Micah Jeffries Systems & Metadata 808-2456
Erika Johnson Erika Johnson Institutional Repository and Digital Scholarship 808-2038
Lisa Josefik Lisa Josefik Operations Support 808-2467
Manuel Ledesma Manuel Ledesma Security 808-2635
Jung Ah Lee Jung Ah Lee ILS Applications and Data 808-2364
Carli Lowe Carli Lowe University 808-2343
Cheryl Lozano Cheryl Lozano Library Tutoring 808-2325
Anh Ly Anh Ly Director of 924-1104
Diane Malmstrom Diane Malmstrom Special Collections & Digitization 808-2090
Anamika Megwalu Anamika Megwalu Faculty Director of Library Instruction and 808-2089
Michael Meth Michael Meth University Library 808-2419
Nyle Monday Nyle Monday Academic Liaison
Christina Mune Christina Mune Associate Dean of Innovation and Resource 808-2046
Lyna Nguyen Lyna Nguyen Website and Applications 808-2407
Jon Oakes Jon Oakes Library Technology Lab 808-2458
Kyle Olivo Kyle Olivo Evening & Weekend Circulation Desk & Stack Maintenance 808-2339
Neil Ordinario Neil Ordinario Library Technology 808-2370
Judy Pan Judy Pan USP Weekend 808-2373
Adriana Poo Adriana Poo Academic Liaison 808-2019
Mariah Ramsour Mariah Ramsour Communications and Events 808-2050
Loren Rendler Loren Rendler Materials Access 808-2462
Sharesly Rodriguez Sharesly Rodriguez User Experience 808-2655
Mantra Roy Mantra Roy Open Education 808-2039
Sylvia Ruiz Sylvia Ruiz Executive Assistant to the 808-2107
Evelia Sanchez Evelia Sanchez Library Human Resources 808-2080
Lesley Seacrist Lesley Seacrist Project & Communications 808-2431
Elena Seto Elena Seto Acquisitions/Contracts 808-2432
Craig Simpson Craig Simpson Faculty Director of Special Collections and 808-2061
Danny Soares Danny Soares Head of Document Delivery 808-2078
Kate Steffens Kate Steffens Special Collections 808-2131
Jill Strykowski Jill Strykowski Cataloging & Metadata 808-2441
Nick Szydlowski Nick Szydlowski Scholarly Communications & Digital Scholarship 808-2354
James Tan James Tan Database Analysis and Renewals 808-2429
Sharon Thompson Sharon Thompson Student Technology Training 808-2017
Tamara Valerio Tamara Valerio USP Evening 808-2324
Justin Villena Justin Villena Student Computing & Media Services 808-2028
Yunzhen Wan Yunzhen Wan Metadata and Cataloging 808-2656
Cameron Weigel Cameron Weigel Library Technology 808-2404
Annina Wyss-Lockner Annina Wyss-Lockner Academic Liaison 808-2618