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Chicano Resource Center

Chicano Collection

The Chicano Resource Center arose in 1979/1980 out of planning efforts of faculty from the Mexican American Studies Department, the College of Social Work, the bilingual program in the College of Education, and the University Library. Dedicated in 1982, the Chicano Resource Center has provided a single focus for books, periodicals, reference tools, pamphlets, and clippings relating to Mexican American History, culture, and community.

Chicano Oral History Project

The Chicano Oral History Project at SJSU began in the late 1980s as a collaborative effort between the Mexican American Studies Department and the Chicano Library Research Center. Funding for the program was provided by the library, campus, and CSU Affirmative Action & Faculty Development Funds and CSU Research and Lottery Funds. More... (PDF)

Chicano Student Activism

Currently on display in the Chicano Center exhibit cases is a glimpse at the past — a retrospective display of photographs and memorabilia inspired by Ramon Martinez with the assistance of Carlos Perez and Jeff Paul. The display highlights Chicano Student Activism of the 1960's and 1970's. The intent is to raise awareness and to inspire cummunity activists of that era to contribute photographs and memorabilia to the Chicano Library as part of the Center's growing Oral History Collection.


Danny Trevino

Dr. Ernesto Galarza

Dr. George Castro

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